It’s almost guaranteed that Trump is going to win in 2020.

That’s the general sentiment among many Americans. Some are encouraged by this fact and others are horrified at the prospect.

The truth is there’s no one in the Republican Party who’s going to be able to mount an attack against him… and the Democrats are so incredibly divided it’s unlikely to think they’re going to be able to oppose him effectively.

And yet, that’s not stopping crazy old Bernie Sanders from putting together an exploratory committee to see if he can’t beat Trump in 2020.

Even crazier?

He actually thinks he can win!

Sanders Is Going to Run Against Trump

Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic primary back in 2016 if the corrupt Democrat machine hadn’t opposed him and pulled all kinds of dirty tricks to prevent him from receiving the nomination.

And now that Hillary is out of the way Sanders believes he has a chance to ascend to the top of the part and give Trump a run for his money.

The scary thing is how many people actually do support Bernie.

Sanders is believed to have already recorded a video announcing his bid for office.

And yet, those who are close to Sanders are denying the Senator from Vermont is going to attempt a run.

Many theorize that Sanders will undoubtedly run. His success in 2016 was due in part to a huge grassroots movement that surprised the elite Democrats. He had millions of supporters that helped him win in some key states including wins in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Plus, Sanders has a number of popular policies to run on. Policies like “Medicare for all” and a $15 minimum wage are becoming increasingly popular across the U.S. as corrupt medical institutions bilk Americans for billions and the cost of some basic human services continue to rise.

And the final clue he’ll run is that on Friday the 15th, Our Revolution, which is an organization founded by Sanders shortly after his 2016 run at the nomination announced that it was launching the second phase of its effort to draft the Vermont independent into the 2020 race.

In an email to supporters, David Duhalde, the group’s political director, said that that phase would include “launching direct outreach programs for phone banking, texting, and door knocking,” as well as “Coordinating one-on-one trainings with group leaders and volunteers.”