Someone who colluded with Russia could end up behind bars.

But it’s not who anyone thinks.

And a bombshell letter just revealed someone involved in the 2016 campaign is in big trouble.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley fired off a letter on January 4th to the Department of Justice recommending a criminal referral on Christopher Steele for lying to the FBI.

Steele is the ex-British intelligence agent who colluded with Russian sources in order to cobble together the fake news Trump-Russia dossier.

Grassley’s memo demonstrates that Steele lied to the FBI about his contacts with the media and that the FBI misled the FISA court when they prepared the application for a warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Breitbart reports:

“The Grassley-Graham memo spells out exactly why the two senators recommended Steele for a criminal investigation, for lying to the FBI.

The FBI included in its initial FISA warrant application in October 2016 a September 2016 Yahoo News article that contained information that seemingly corroborated the dossier.

Steele apparently told the FBI that he had not spoken to Yahoo News for the article, and the FBI related that in its application to the FISC. The FBI learned in October he had unauthorized contacts with media, and suspended its relationship with Steele.

However, in a January 2017 FISA application renewal on Page, it noted in a footnote that it had suspended its relationship with Steele based on unauthorized contacts with the media in October 2016, but still continued to defend that he had nothing to do with the Yahoo News article. The FBI also did so in subsequent renewals.

The FBI did so despite an April 2017 report that said Steele had testified to a British court that he had spoken to news outlets before October 2016, and senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr had also told the FBI about those contacts in November or December 2016. The memo noted that the committee had evidence of those contacts before October 2016 as well.

The FBI also noted in its January 2017 application renewal that Steele was “bothered” by the FBI reopening its investigation into Clinton

The FBI also unredacted a portion that said Steele’s information “formed a significant portion of the FBI’s warrant application, and the FISA application relied more heavily on Steele’s credibility than on any independent verification or corroboration for his claims.”

Grassley’s letter confirms all the abuses of power laid out in the Nunes memo.

Not only does Steele face legal jeopardy for not telling the truth to the FBI about his dealings with the media, but this will only increase calls for a special counsel to investigate James Comey and other FBI higher-ups for possible criminal violations in the Russia investigation.

It’s clear the only collusion and criminal activity with regards to Russia and the 2016 election were committed by the Democrats and the FBI.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.