Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer dreamed of a Democrat controlled Senate.

As Majority Leader, he could stop the Trump agenda and work to remove the President from office.

Then Chuck Schumer saw the poll numbers that sent him running for cover.

The 2018 Senate Map Favors Republicans

Experts predict Democrats will do well in 2018.

Since 1934, the President’s party has lost Senate seats in 17 out of 22 midterm elections.

This trend led Democrats to count on winning control of the Senate.

That is because they only need to flip two seats to make Schumer Majority Leader.

However, the Democrats face one big problem.

Ten Democrat Senators are running for another term in states Trump won in 2016.

Trump won some of these states by huge margins.

Republicans believe Trump’s support in these states is enough to lift their candidates to victory.

But Democrats hold strong chances to win Republican held seats in Arizona and Nevada.

Winning those races would be enough to put them in power.

But if Republicans can win just one Democrat held seat, they can block Chuck Schumer from taking over the Senate.

The Most Vulnerable Democrat Shocks Everyone

Going into 2018, experts would not have ranked Florida Senator Bill Nelson high on the list of Democrats most likely to lose.

Nelson served three terms, despite Florida drifting to the Republican column.

Then Governor Rick Scott threw his hat in the ring to run against Nelson.

Scott owns great personal wealth and every voter in Florida knows who he is.

Nelson on the other hand keeps a low profile.

Few Floridians know of him in comparison to Scott.

And Scott’s advantages show up in the polling.

A recent Florida Atlantic University poll found Scott growing his lead to six points over Nelson.

Democrats cannot win in Florida without big margins among Hispanic voters.

Nelson falls short there as well.

A poll of South Florida Hispanic voters found Scott leading Nelson 42 to 39 percent.

This poll spells doom for Nelson.

South Florida is the Democrats voter base in the state.

Scott running ahead of Nelson with core Democrat voting groups means the Republican will win the race.

In fact, the Real Clear Politics polling averages shows Scott leads Nelson by the biggest margin of any Republican challenger.

Other Troubling Poll Numbers For Democrats

Missouri is another red flag for Democrats.

Republican Josh Hawley leads Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in the latest polls.

McCaskill has not led Hawley in a poll since April, and that was before either party’s primary.

Republicans have a chance to do better than just hang on in 2018.

They could grow their Senate majority.

That’s not the only problem for Democrats.

Their base will explode with anger if they fall short in November.

Democrat voters dream about impeaching Donald Trump.

That fantasy will go up in flames if Republicans in Florida and Missouri hold on to their leads.

We will keep you up to date on any breaking news in the 2018-midterm elections.