Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 6.06.23 PMYou probably saw Hillary Clinton soundly thumped Bernie Sanders last week in South Carolina.

It’s not the news we want to hear.

But just because Hillary won doesn’t mean Republicans have anything to fear. In fact, in spite of Hillary winning there is substantially good news to report in regards to the upcoming election season.

By the looks of what’s taking place at the polls right now, the GOP is going to roundly thump the Democrats.


Because Democrat turn out is really, really low.

And Republican turnout is at record highs.

For example:

In South Carolina’s Democratic primary, for example, where Hillary Clinton scored a big victory Saturday night, just over 367,000 people turned out to vote–a 30-percent decrease from 2008, the last contested Democratic primary, when 532,000 Democrats voted.

Just a week earlier, when Republicans in South Carolina went to the polls, a whopping 738,000 turned out, over 20 percent more than the 603,000 Republicans who voted in 2012 in the GOP’s last contested primary.

Then in Nevada the same thing happened.

Their primary saw an equal 30 percent drop as in South Carolina with turnout dropping from 118,000 in 2008 to just 84,000 this year.

Care to guess what the GOP turnout looked liked?

Hint, it was much more favorable.

The GOP turnout was an astounding 75,000 this year as compared to a horrific 33,000 back in 2012, the year Obama won the election.

CBS News went on to note this is how it’s been in almost all the caucuses:

On the Republican side, it’s the opposite: turnout in the first four contests has been record-breaking. In New Hampshire, GOP turnoutwas up about 14 percent over 2012 (284,000 people voted this year, compared to 248,000 in 2012).

In Iowa, more than 186,000 Republicans caucused, a more than 50-percent increase over 2012’s 121,000 GOP voters. In Nevada, a record-breaking 75,000 Republicans caucused, compared with just 33,000 in 2012–in fact, more people cast a vote for Donald Trump — just over 34,000 — than voted in the entire 2012 caucuses.

The reason this is happening?

Because Republicans are fed up with what the Democrats are doing to our country.

And the Democrats are disillusioned and believe because Barak Hussein Obama is in office their next candidate is a shoe in.

The other reason is because the GOP has tons of good choices. The Democrats on the other hand have had a only a small basket from which to choose from, and it’s all rotten fruit. Who wants to go pick rotten fruit?

The answer is nobody.

That’s why turnout is low for the Democrats and that’s why it’s highly unlikely they’re going to win in November.