Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi needs to stop promoting radical insanity that is putting Americans at risk.

Luckily Trump has been fighting for the people since day one of his presidency.

The Supreme Court gave Trump a huge victory that left Democrats in tears.

The Democrats are mocking Trump because he said that a border wall is more necessary than ever with the coronavirus outbreak.

After all, they point out that there are more coronavirus cases in America than in Mexico or Central America.

That is true for the moment.

The situation with COVID-19 that originated in Wuhan, China in late December is rapidly shifting.

A month ago, Italy had only three cases in the entire country. Now it has 25,000 confirmed cases with over 1,800 deaths.

It would have been unthinkable to cancel all travel with Europe a month ago. Now it seems like a reasonable action.

But one of the real dangers with this coronavirus is what will happen when it gets out of control.

It would be very bad to have refugees flooding into the country because there’s a massive breakout in Central America.

Detaining illegal immigrants will become difficult if this situation arises because the choice will be either to put the illegal immigrants in detainment centers where they will spread the illness or release them into the country and allow them to spread the illness there.

Luckily the Supreme Court made a decision that America doesn’t have to keep all the illegal immigrants that come into the country claiming to be refugees.

According to Breitbart News:

The Supreme Court has told the administration that it can keep sending migrants back to Mexico, pending the final decision in a lawsuit against the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“The application for stay presented to Justice Kagan and by her referred to the Court is granted, and the district court’s April 8, 2019 order granting a preliminary injunction is stayed pending the timely filing and disposition,” said the court’s order.

The order is a defeat for pro-migration advocates who want to reopen the border. But it is not a surprise, in part, because the removal of the program would allow roughly 30,000 Central American migrants to quickly move over the U.S. border, and into U.S. cities, job markets, and housing.

The court’s decision would have also dismantled one of the major legal barriers to the border wall, so inviting another huge wave of blue-collar migrants from Central America, amid public worries about the coronavirus epidemic.

America is going to have enough strain on its systems within the coming months without have the added strain of illegal immigration.

Immigration in general should stop for the moment.

This isn’t about xenophobia or racism. Stopping a widespread pandemic is in the best interest of everyone.

Walls that stop people do help and the virus can’t move without a host.

Older people and immunocompromised people are being asked to stay within their houses because their walls will keep them safe.

Most Americans will get through this just fine, the social distancing is here to help the most vulnerable members of society and stopping immigration is a good first step.