Obama GolfThis is truly maddening.

While most Americans ares strapped to the hilt trying to make ends meet, the commander in chief has toured the entire world on ultra-luxurious jaunts others can only imagine.

Sadly, every single American (even the poorest) have helped in some way to pay for the President’s vacation tab, which to date has run a staggering total of $74 million dollars.

With 10 months left in office we can only expect that number to climb even higher.

These findings come courtesy of Judicial Watch who have sued the Obama administration on multiple occasions under Freedom of Information Acts.

WND writes:

“Now that we’ve sued, the Secret Service has stopped ignoring our requests for details on more of the costs of Barack Obama’s luxury vacations,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said on Wednesday.

“Taxpayers, the U.S. Air Force and the Secret Service are being abused by Barack Obama, who too often treats Air Force One and his security detail like some of sort of kingly entourage. Does Barack Obama really think that over $5 million for two family vacations, which include nearly $1 million in Secret Service hotel bills for a two week Martha’s Vineyard vacation, is an appropriate use of tax dollars?”

The total amount spent according to records is $74,124,562.48.

Imagine how many vacations the average American would be able to take with that kind of money.

To be fair not every dollar spent is on the Obama’s having fun; many times the money is spent on secret service detail and operational measures.

However, it is the choice of destinations that’s truly taxing on the American taxpayer.

Oftentimes the President is galavanting to exotic and expensive locations like Honolulu, HI, or Mother’s vineyard in Massachusetts. By picking these destinations Obama and his family place an extra large tax load on the public.

Truth be told the Obama’s don’t care about the cost. They realize they can do whatever they want with impunity.

JW noted that the President’s desires to just go places and hangout runs the U.S. taxpayers an exorbitant amount.

“President Obama evidently cares not one whit about the costs to beleaguered taxpayers of his personal and political travel. Why would any public servant think it appropriate to use an Air Force plane (and an army of law enforcement) to take his daughters sightseeing in New York? Barack Obama is enamored with the presidency’s trappings of power and taxpayers are left holding the tab,” the earlier JW report concluded.

This type of behavior is emblematic of the Obama’s disregard for the plight of the average American. While he stands on the promise of reaching down to help the middle class the President has burdened them with more taxes, more debt, and  contributed to a lower standard of living than they were accustomed to before he was elected.

What’s your take on the President’s vacation bill?

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