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Obama might be on his way out of the White House but that doesn’t mean he’s going to go quietly or without creating controversy.

What do we mean by that?

Take for instance Obama’s recent move to invite tons of troubled rappers into The White House to help him advance an issue very near and dear to his heart, criminal justice reform.

Rather than addressing the root problems of systemic poverty and crime which leads to crime Obama has another fascinating idea. In his mind to properly address some of the most pressing issues of the day he should invite foul-mouthed sexually explicit rappers to The White House to help him handle criminal justice reform.  Not fixing the root cause of these problems.

Does that makes sense? To bring in high paid entertainers to discuss some of the most volatile and pressing issues of our time?

Maybe it doesn’t to you. But for Obama he thinks to help cement a new initiative he so cooly calls  “My Brother’s Keeper” into action he needs hired guns who sing about drugs, sex and money.

To get the “MBK” moving forward he invited entertainers like “Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Common, Janelle Monae, Ludacris, Chance The Rapper, J.Cole, Timbaland, Talib Kweli, Rapsody, ASAP Rocky, Wale and DJ Khaled,” to the White House to take part in round table discussions to help improve criminal justice reform.

As The White House says since all these wealthy entertainers are committed to the cause they should be the ones to lend their voices to advancing it (not people intimately familiar with the real fixes).


“Many of these artists have lent their voices and platforms to promoting these issues,” said a White House official. “Through their own nonprofit work or artistic commitment, many of these artists have found ways to engage on the issues of criminal justice reform and empowering disadvantaged young people across the country.”

There you have it. That’s Obama’s excuse to hobknob with people who’d rather sing about marijuana than dedicated their whole lives to fixing America’s problems.

Broderick Johnson, chair of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force and one of Obama’s chief enforcers said this about partnering with the wealthy and explicit entertainers to help with their cause.

“MBK is about obliterating the barriers our kids face,” Broderick Johnson said. “It’s about building strong, lasting bridges to opportunity for boys and girls, young men and young women, no matter what their background or the circumstances into which they were born. It’s about investing in what works, acting with a sense of urgency, basing strategies on data and evidence, and having the courage to call-out and tear down discrimination in every system and policy where it shows up. And, in two years we could not be more excited about the momentum, energy, and enthusiasm that has been sparked all across the country.”

It’s stunning really. The man in control of the country would rather defer to people who have no real experience with leadership and policy to get things done.

Or maybe he just likes to feel important and being around celebrities is his way of accomplishing that.

What do you think?

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