Kamala Harris was supposed to be the nominee.

But her campaign is now falling to pieces.

And now, the latest Democratic presidential candidate just dealt the final blow to Harris’ 2020 ambitions.

Kamala Harris had it all mapped out.

She was supposed to take the Democratic nomination by storm and then march herself to the White House after defeating President Trump in the 2020 general election.

But now, she may not even get an opportunity to go up against Trump at all.

Harris’ campaign, which began with great fanfare and high expectations, has since begun to fall apart.

And it’s all because of Joe Biden.

At first glance, the two candidates seem to be polar opposites.

Biden has a record going back over 30 years in Washington, while Harris has only been in office for a few years.

Biden is also quite old, while Harris is fairly young.

Biden is a white male, something which is increasingly disqualifying for Democrats, while Harris is neither.

But while the two have few physical similarities, their bases of support overlap a lot.

Harris and Biden both see their path to the nomination running right though the middle of the same coalition that gave Hillary Clinton the nomination over Bernie Sanders in 2016.

And Biden and Harris both plan to rely heavily on the Democratic establishment, which had previously backed Barack Obama and later Clinton in 2016.

Essentially, the Democratic nomination process isn’t large enough for the two of them.

That means someone is going to have to drop out, possibly before the Iowa Caucuses.

And it isn’t going to be Joe Biden.

He just jumped into the race for the first time in a formal capacity.

And already, polling shows he’s dominating the Democratic primary field, alongside Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is running well to the left of nearly every candidate seeking the nomination.

Biden’s strong position within the party establishment as well as through his near universal name ID, means he’s in a very strong position shortly before the first debates of the primary process take place later this summer.

And polling shows that if he stays the course, he likely will clinch the nomination thanks to the heavily divided primary field.

“As former Vice President Joe Biden prepares to enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, he’s doing so as the front-runner, polling ahead of both fellow Democrats and President Donald Trump,” reports Morning Consult.

“Along with his advantage over Trump, Biden has held a consistent lead in Morning Consult’s weekly tracking among likely Democratic primary voters. Three in 10 of those voters said the Delawarean was their top pick in the latest poll, followed by 24 percent who chose Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Biden’s 6-point advantage is similar to his average 7-point lead over the Democratic socialist in the 12 tracking polls.)” adds Morning Consult.

This places Biden in an excellent position to be the Democratic nominee.

And it’s nothing but horrific news for Kamala Harris, who just saw her chances of being President dwindle significantly this week.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.