8156639_sAt the Fed’s week-long meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen issued a statement on the U.S. economy that made it seem like there was an actual economic recovery taking place. She said, in part:

The economy is continuing to make progress toward the Federal Reserve’s objectives of maximum employment and price stability. […] Although the economy continues to improve, the recovery is not yet complete.

While the Fed chair noted that the economy is still in a precarious place, especially with a weak labor market and little growth, according to Anthony Scaramucci, she wasn’t being totally forthright with American people.

As Scaramucci notes, Americans are scared, and rightfully so.

Americans’ incomes have not grown and unemployment remains at all-time highs. And the constant meddling of the Fed hasn’t done anything to help the economy grow, despite what they might want you to believe.

What the Fed won’t admit is this: their continued efforts to accelerate economic growth has only made the rich richer, and has seriously undermined the average American’s wealth and their confidence in the economy.

This long process has caused some collateral damage and some fraying of society. Since interest rates are the physical gravity of assets, it would make sense that the lower they go, the higher the assets will be worth.

This inverse relationship is great for the asset holders, but has little to no positive effects on the average American who has no such capital. Yet, pushing down rates was the only such tool at the Fed’s disposal and it was one they needed to deploy aggressively.

While the byproduct has been massive wealth creation, the average investor is losing ground. We have a failed K-12 public education system, poor social, tax and budget policies emanating from Washington, and a growing wealth disparity – not only here in the United States but around the world.

The Fed won’t admit they’ve helped to make a handful of Americans richer than they’ve ever been all while depleting the 401(k)s and personal wealth holdings of millions of Americans across the country.

The economy hangs in the balance right now.

Deflation looms.

The repatriation of trillions of dollars in American currency is a very scary possibility.

What will you do when it all falls apart?

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