Another terrorist attack was just carried out by a foreign immigrant.

The attack occurred in a New York City subway station and injured five people.

Dozens of terrorist attacks have occurred this year alone at the hands of illegal immigrants worldwide—begging the question, when will the Democrats realize our borders must be secured?

Worse yet, the terrorist in question came to this country as a result of the chain migration policy.

While President Trump has been advocating for the end of chain migration, Democrats have been pushing back.

Fox News reported:

President Trump has suggested he’s willing to solve the Dreamer issue once and for all, in exchange for beefed-up border security and an end to chain migration.

27-Year-old Akayed Ullah is the fourth Bangladeshi national to be accused of terrorism in the last decade.

Though the terrorist attack was foiled, the Bangladeshi national still injured several people.

Breitbart News reported:

Ullah, as Breitbart News reports, allegedly planned to detonate a homemade bomb in New York City on Monday. Though the terror plot was botched, Ullah is accused of leaving at least three individuals injured. The Bangladeshi national originally entered the U.S. in 2011 with his parents and three-four siblings.

The terror suspect is the fourth Bangladeshi national to enter the U.S. as an immigrant, only then to plot to harm Americans:

In 2015, 24-year-old Bangladeshi national Rahatul Ashikim Khan was convicted and sentenced to ten years in federal prison for providing material support to terrorists with the al-Shabaab terrorist organization.

Between 2011 and 2012, Khan worked to coordinate overseas travel for an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent whom he believed was a violent jihadist. Khan even made arrangements to place the undercover agent into an Al-Shabaab pipeline that was run by Gufran Ahmed Kauser Mohammed and Mohamed Hussen Said.

Additionally, Khan led a group of Islamic terrorist-sympathizers in Austin, Texas, who pledged loyalty to then-Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Ullah came to the United States illegally in 2011, leaving behind a young son and wife.

Ullah was injured in the apparent suicide bombing attempt and has since been arrested— though it is not known whether he has any accomplices.

ABC News reported:

Ullah was severely injured in the apparent suicide bombing attempt, and he was taken into custody at the scene and transported to Bellevue Hospital. He appears to have been wearing a low-level explosive device that failed to properly detonate.

Fire officials said the suspect had burns to his hands and abdomen. Ullah is conscious and talking to authorities, telling them he is self-inspired from ISIS online propaganda.

Five other people were hurt in the explosion, but all the injuries are said to be minor. The victims were treated and released.

In Washington, President Trump said he wanted to prevent people like Ullah from entering the country. “The president’s policy calls for an end to chain migration which is what this individual came to the United States through and if his policy had been in place, then that attacker would not have been allowed to come in the country,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Do you think Congress will come up with a compromise in order to end chain migration?

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