Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.16.21 AMAlready $1 billion over budget, the “biggest construction failure” in the history of the Department of Veterans Affairs has just received $100 million in new funding.

Even worse, the $100 million is barely enough to keep the construction project going for another 3 weeks.

And you can of course guess where that $100 million is coming from. The taxpayers obviously.

ABC news reports, “Construction will continue on a new veterans medical center near Denver, expected to serve 400,000 former military service members and their families. Ahead of Memorial Day, contractors had prepared to stop work on the project as approved funding dried up after repeated overruns and delays.”

VA Secretary Robert McDonald has said he’s happy with the new spending measure and looks forward to the completion of the project.

“I am pleased that Congress has taken action to ensure that construction at the site of the Denver Replacement Medical Center will continue,” McDonald said. “I look forward to working with Congress in the coming weeks to determine a path forward to finishing the campus.”

What was originally supposed to cost just $328 million dollars in 2005 has grown to an incredible $1.73 billion dollar project. It’s also projected to take a number of years to even reach completion.

Originally there had been a cap of $880 million dollars on the program as passed by congress. Over time this cap has been lifted and now the hospital has become a huge signpost for the colossal waste under Obama.

ABC writes McDonald’s appointment has actually proved to be a disappointment for the beleaguered Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

VA Secretary Robert McDonald was hailed during his appointment last year as a fiscal hawk and seasoned manager, a former CEO of Proctor & Gamble, who would restore efficiency to the nation’s largest federal agency.

But the Denver project, which was a boondoggle before he arrived at the agency, has remained an embarrassment. He has said the “mistakes” were “made years ago by VA officials” who preceded him.

Government watchdog Citizens Against Government Waste named McDonald “porker of the month” for his role in not resolving cost overruns and continuing to ask Congress for more funds.

Many of those in congress are entirely perplexed how such a project could have been dragged on for this long.

House Veterans’ Affairs Committee chairman Jeff Miller, R-Fla., has even called this particular venture the “biggest construction failure” in the history of the VA.

Amazing what happens when bureaucrats get in the way, isn’t it?