​The abortion industry is celebrating a new Oregon law guaranteeing taxpayer-funded abortions for all, even illegals.

The law also forces people with health insurance to subsidize abortions for other policy holders.

But while abortionists cheer their new government-subsidized profits, some Democrats fear they’ve gone too far.

The Washington Times reports:

“H.B. 3391, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, would allocate $10.2 million to the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program, to pay for reproductive services for women who would be eligible ‘except for their immigration status.’ Of that amount, about $500,000 is earmarked for abortions.”

In other words, Oregon set aside $10.2 million in taxpayer funds solely to give health care to illegals.

Of that, $500,000 is set aside specifically to provide taxpayer-funded abortions to illegals.

But Oregon didn’t stop there.  The law also forces citizens with health insurance to subsidize abortions for others.

“The legislation, which was developed with the assistance of Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups, also would require private insurance companies to provide abortions to their customers free of charge,” the Times reports.  “Laurel Swerdlow, advocacy director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, said the bill would guarantee abortion access to every Oregonian no matter ‘where they live or how much money they make or who provides their health insurance.’”

By setting aside $10.2 million in taxpayers’ funds for “reproductive services” for illegals, and forcing insurers to hand over millions more, Oregon lawmakers just pumped millions of dollars into the bank accounts of Planned Parenthood, a multi-million corporation that spends millions more supporting liberal politicians.

It’s sick way of using abortion clinics to convert taxpayer funds into campaign contributions.

But it may backfire.

“Democrats have made clear that they are in favor of more late-term and sex-selective abortions,” David Kilada, political director at Oregon Right to Life, tells The Washington Times. “Not to mention undocumented immigrants can now get abortions for free. That’s not what Oregonians want, and I think it will be a big part of the campaign next year.”

“I think a lot of people were already concerned about the number of abortions in the state that are paid for by taxpayer dollars,” Shannon Henshaw, an organizer with Oregon Life United, tells the Times. “And because H.B. 3391 is so extreme, I think it’s generated some additional fervor to put a stop to that.”

They’re probably right.  Voters, even liberal voters, despise taxpayer-funded abortion.

An October 2016 poll by Politico and Harvard University found 58 percent of voters “opposed the use of federal funds through Medicaid to pay for abortion.”  The poll found women and men had statistically identical levels of opposition.

A January 2016 Marist poll found 68 percent of Americans opposed taxpayer-subsidized abortions.

Among women, opposition to taxpayer-funded abortions was 69 percent.

Even 51 percent of people who identify as “pro-choice” opposed taxpayer funds for abortions.

That can be seen in election results when Democrats try to make abortion a campaign issue.

“Under the leadership of U.S. Sen. Michael F. Bennet of Colorado, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee poured $60 million into the Bannock Street Project, an initiative to advance the ‘War on Women’ narrative in the 2014 midterm elections,” the Times reports.

Like the floor of an abortion clinic, that effort ended in a bloodbath.  Democrats went into election night holding 53 seats.  By the time the votes were counted, nine had flipped to Republicans.

Despite the $60 million spent declaring Republicans would curb abortions if elected, no Republican incumbent lost his race.

Five incumbent Democrat senators lost their seats, including two of the three women seeking re-election, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu and North Carolina’s Kay Hagan, who tried to make the “War on Women” a campaign issue.

The third, New Hampshire’s Jean Shaheen, barely managed to beat former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown who moved to the state for the race.

Abortionists are popping champagne corks over their new taxpayer-subsidized profits, but Democrat lawmakers could be left feeling the hangover.