The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in the country.

With President Trump’s recent appointments and the Republican Senate gains in November, he’s on track to reshape the court for decades.

And this Supreme Court Justice just shocked the nation with this surprising announcement.

With the balance of power on the Supreme Court hanging by a thread, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just announced that she will be skipping her second day for oral arguments at the nation’s highest court.

Breitbart reports, “Chief Justice John Roberts announced that Ginsburg would be absent as the nation’s highest court heard arguments in two cases.”

 “According to Roberts, Ginsburg will participate in cases using transcripts. Monday’s absence from the court marked the first in Ginsburg’s 25-year history that the justice was not present to hear oral arguments.”

 Ginsburg is recovering from an operation at the end of December which removed cancerous cells from her lungs.

Despite being discharged from a hospital in New York City, she is still recovering.

The operation came after she had fallen in her office and fractured several ribs in early November.

The 85-year-old Justice is among the oldest members of the nation’s highest judicial body, and she has overcome many health-related problems over the years.

Ginsburg is known for attending every oral argument at the court for her entire tenure in office, which began 25 years ago.

Breitbart adds, “Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, Ginsburg has rebuffed calls to step down during President Barack Obama’s second term, when a confirmation process appeared more attractive with a Democrat-controlled Senate.”

 Ginsburg has spent nearly her entire time on the Supreme Court being a champion for the far left.

Identified as a cultural hero for liberals and the Democratic Party, Justice Ginsburg has remained one of the most reliably liberal votes on the Supreme Court for a quarter of a century.

Her absence from the court’s arguments for the first time ever marks a new era in the Supreme Court.

With the ideological balance so close between conservatives and liberals on the court, Ginsburg’s absence could play a major role in deciding several court cases for 2019.

And it also opens up new discussions about whether the Justice may vacate her seat due to health problems.

Ginsburg is expected to return to work once she has healed from last month’s operations.

Until then, her absence on the court will be watched closely by her fellow justices as well as the deliberating parties.

Ginsburg has so far rejected any talk of her stepping down as a member of the Supreme Court.

Though it is possible that her recent health troubles may have changed that previously long-held position.

Breitbart states, “Ginsburg, who observers say is the liberal face of the court, has indicated that she plans to stay on the bench by hiring law clerks for at least two additional terms.”

 We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.