dem-debateDid you see the Democratic debate on Sunday the 17th?

You probably didn’t, because like millions of other Americans you might have been watching football, or found yourself entertained by many other forms of entertainment on the first three-day weekend of the year.

And if you did watch it, well then you were in the minority, as the number of viewers for the Democratic debate were some of the lowest out of any debate during this campaign cycle.

Conservatives outlet Breitbart News made an astute observation about the debate, a theory that might just be provable.

They say the reason the debate occurred on a Sunday night in the middle of one of the busier weekends of the year is because the Democrat party was trying to hide Hillary Clinton from the nation.

Not a bad idea considering the film “13 hours” came out the Friday before the debate and incited a huge amount of backlash aimed at the former Secretary of State. That and the FBI is taking aim at her emails yet again.

Another piece to their theory is the Clinton campaign feels threatened by Bernie Sanders and the serious amount of momentum he’s picking up.

Sanders leads Clinton by double digits in the battleground state of New Hampshire, and he recently had a one-on-one meeting with Clinton which might have put the Clinton campaign on the defensive.

Breitbart writes:

Top Clinton campaign officials held a press call the morning the polls came out to accuse Sanders of having different policies than Obama.

“The Sanders campaign has understandably tried to eliminate any distinctions between their candidate’s record and President Obama’s,” the Clinton campaign said, referring to immigration and other issues. “Of course this just isn’t true.”

Clinton, for her part, is trying to run to the left of Sanders, vowing to no longer say “illegal immigrant” among other concessions. But she’s also using her own daughter Chelsea to direct barbs at Sanders’ record.

“I don’t think about it,” Clinton told CNN about her sinking poll numbers in a tense interview before the State of the Union. “I don’t pay attention to this.” (Despite not paying attention, she cited a more favorable “PPP poll” that she claimed was released “an hour later.”)

This isn’t the first time this kind of theory has been floated.

All of the GOP debates have been on weeknights, on PrimeTime, and heavily advertised.

The Democrat debate on the other hand seemed to materialize out of nowhere and more or less came and went without many people noticing.

Considering Sanders is surging and the FBI is now investigating the former First Lady for emails that might demonstrate illegal activity with her foundation, it might just be Mrs. Clinton will try and skate through “unnoticed” so she can get the nomination.

What do you think about the Democrat debate not getting more attention?

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