Earlier this week, controversial groups in Hollywood tried to take a stand against the mistreatment of women in the industry.

The Golden Globes marked a night of solidarity for women who wanted to make a change in the status quo— but many were simply there to argue their social justice issues.

As host, Seth Meyers had the perfect platform to argue any issue he wished—but instead he embarrassed himself by taking a hit at President Trump.

Seth Meyers’ opening monologue relied heavily on mocking sexual accusers in Hollywood, and quips concerning politics—though he previously promised politics would take a back seat in the ceremony.

Meyers mentioned Harvey Weinstein’s absence from the event after major controversy in the past few months ruined his reputation.

The Hill reported:

“Going into it our focus is far more on the worlds that make these films and less on anything that’s happening in Washington,” the “Saturday Night Live” alum told People magazine earlier this month.

“I think it’s time to address the elephant not in the room – Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight because, well, I’ve heard rumors that he’s crazy and difficult to work with,” Meyers said during his monologue. “But don’t worry, he’ll be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person ever booed during the ‘In Memoriam.’ “

As a previous host of Saturday Night Live, Seth Meyers branded himself as a Trump critic.

Unsurprisingly throughout the night, Meyers couldn’t refuse to include a few jabs at the President.

During his speech, Meyers claimed that Trump was “making trouble” with North Korea, and drew a parallel to controversy caused by Seth Rogen’s movie The Interview.

The Daily Caller reported:

Meyers said a woman might have been better suited to host the awards show given the news of recent sexual harassment scandals, but he assured the audience he was the right choice because he was a man “with absolutely no power in Hollywood. I’m not even the most powerful Seth in the room tonight,” Meyers said.

He then pointed to actor Seth Rogen who was in the crowd and said, “Hey remember when he [Rogen] was the guy making trouble with North Korea? Simpler times.”

Meyers was referring to Rogen’s 2014 film “The Interview” which centered on an assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Meyers didn’t stop there, however, and made a second jab at Trump which majorly misfired.

Meyers intended to mock Trump for his distrust of establishment media, and ultimately was merged with only groans from the audience.

The Daily Caller continued:

“Give it up for the foreign Hollywood Press. A string of three words that could not have been better designed to infuriate our president. Hollywood. Foreign. Press,” Meyers said to minimal laughter. “The only name that would make him angrier would be the Hillary Mexican salad association.”

Seth Meyers eventually gave up after he revealed his delusion that Trump ran for office due to his criticism.

The Hill continued:

“In 2011, I told some jokes about our current president at the White House correspondents’ dinner, jokes about how he was unqualified to be president. And some have said that night convinced him to run,” Meyers said at another point during his monologue.

“So if that’s true, I just want to say, Oprah, you will never be president. You do not have what it takes!”

He then turned to actor Tom Hanks and exclaimed: “And Hanks, you will never be vice president. You are too mean and unrelatable.”

Meyers ended his remarks on a more serious note, saying, “People in this room worked really hard to get here. But it’s clearer now than ever before that the women had to work even harder.”

Seth Meyers majorly misfired when it came to insulting the President, and it will surely come back to haunt him if ever considered as a Golden Globes host again.

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