Harry ReidHarry Reid has been known to say some outlandish things. But maybe Reid is losing his grip on reality with this latest claim he’s making.

“If the election were held today, we’d be in the majority without any question, but the election is not today,” Reid told reporters in Nevada, according to the Argus Leader.

Reid believes that Democrats in the state of Montanta will hold onto a senate seat that has been all but forfeited when their best candidate terminated his run after becoming embroiled in a scandal concerning plagiarism just 3 months before the election.

Reid and Democrats in the state are now relying on a Amanda Curtis, a 34-year-old math teacher to run and win. Keep in mind Republicans already had a substantial 14-point lead before all of this happened.

How can Reid be so confident?

The best chance they had leading up to the election was with John Walsh. Walsh was moved into office in February after Max Baucus announced his retirement.

But Walsh had to throw in the towel after it came to light that part of a thesis he wrote in 2007 had been completely plagiarized.

And now, Curtis has miles upon miles of ground to reclaim, just to get to where Walsh was before he dropped out of the race.

The New York Times obviously sees how absurd Reid’s claim is, commenting that Curtis will be facing “nearly insurmountable odds” in the race against Republican Steve Daines.

“Ms. Curtis is starting the race cold with almost no money, little statewide name recognition and less than three months to introduce herself to voters from the oil towns in eastern Montana to the logging and ski towns in the west,” the Times reported.

And yet somehow the Senate Majority Leader manages to hang onto the idea that Democrats are going to win this seat.

“We are doing really well in Montana,” Reid told the Argus Leader.

Reid is so detached from reality it’s laughable, which is why it’s rather unfortunate that he’s one of the men in charge of leading this country.

Before Walsh had even dropped out, Daines was ahead by 14 percent according to Real Clear Politics.

Though Democrats currently hold a 53-45 majority in the senate with two Independents caucusing with Democrats, it’s believed that were the vote held today the GOP would pick up 7 seats, giving them the majority.

So much for Reid’s prognostication.

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