Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.29.59 PMThe son of mega-evangelist Billy Graham recently had some pretty harsh truths to dish out.

Over the past six years Graham has had more than enough time to get a good glimpse of the President. And Graham has come to some pretty firm conclusions about both POTUS as well as the outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

He reasons both men are working their hardest to ensure Christians are marginalized. He even claims they are laying the foundation for possible persecution, the type which the Bible foretells of.

Graham was quoted saying, “There is an anti-Christian bias that is now in our government, has permeated our government, that’s also permeated Washington but [also] at the state and local level. It’s the progressives, whatever you want to call them, that are trying – and the president is into this and the attorney general is into this 100 percent – and that is forcing on the American people a new morality.”

Graham couldn’t be more accurate.

Both the President and Holder have been unwavering in their attacks on Christianity.

For instance Obama entered into office in firm support of the Defense of Marriage act. But since then he’s not only turned his back on his affirmation of the DOMA, both he and Holder affirmed only a short time ago they are eager to see LGBT weddings become common place.

Then there’s his constant refusal to denounce Islam, its violent rhetoric, as well as pandering to progressives to make sure people are aware of the many failings of the ancient Christian church.

Graham is rightfully concerned that Obama is helping to engineer the rise of an Islamic state here in the U.S.

As he said in an interview with the Christian Post:

One of the problems we have, the president, his father was a Muslim and his stepfather was a Muslim – [he] lived in Indonesia and went to Muslim schools. His mother must have been a Muslim,” Graham said…We don’t know that, but she married two Muslim men, so there must have been something there. The framework that our president has [had] growing up, his influences on his life were that of Islam.

So what does Graham see coming down the road?

A massive storm, with Christians bearing the brunt of the abuse.

While being interviewed on the 700 club he said “We’re going to see persecution, I believe, in this country, because our president is very sympathetic to Islam…”

It’s a reasonable conclusion to make, even if liberals think its just jabber-jawing.

With what Holder and Obama have conspired to do, take away second amendment freedoms, force universal healthcare, issue executive orders on amnesty that defy the constitution, Graham might just be putting it gently.

Do you think that’s the case?

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