Donald Trump released the final treasure trove of CIA documents regarding the JFK assassination to the American people.

There was one bombshell that stood out.

And it could solve the mystery of the second gunmen who killed JFK.

In the secret CIA files, there was a document that revealed an FBI informant had reported that members of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee – of which Lee Harvey Oswald was a member – alleged that Dallas police officer JD Tippit was the gunmen who actually killed Kennedy.

The Daily Mirror reports:

“Fingers were pointed at Dallas police after John F Kennedy was assassinated in the city, the declassified documents reveal.

Those who believed the local force was behind the killing included Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev.

And one FBI informant even named patrolman JD Tippit, who was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald 45 minutes after JFK died, as the President’s actual killer.

According to a note sent to agents, the source was told by an H ­Theodore Lee that “the president was actually assassinated by Dallas police officer TIPPIT”.

The informant said Lee got the information from several previously active members of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

The note also said a week before the assassination Tippit, who was alleged to be the head of the right-wing John Birch Society in Dallas, and a third man – possibly Oswald – met in Jack Ruby’s nightclub.

Ruby shot Oswald two days after Kennedy’s assassination and died of lung cancer in 1967.

The two men had supposedly met in a Florida airport as part of a group heading to Cuba to “cut sugar cane” and were heard discussing “Big Bird” by an informant.”

This was not the only evidence that points to a conspiracy.

It was also revealed that 25 minutes before the assassination, a British newspaper received a phone call alerting them to news from the United States that was about to break.

ABC 7 reports:

A British newspaper received an anonymous phone call about “big news” in the United States minutes before President John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963, newly released files on the assassination say.

A batch of 2,800 declassified documents includes a Nov. 26, 1963 memo from the CIA to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover about a call received by the Cambridge News on Nov. 22, the day Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas.

The memo from deputy CIA director James Angleton says the caller said “the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news, and then hung up.”

The memo says Britain’s MI5 intelligence service calculated that the call came 25 minutes before Kennedy was shot. It said the reporter who took the call “is known to them as a sound and loyal person with no security record.”

Do you believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK and that multiple gunmen were involved?

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