The attacks against Roy Moore take dirty politics to a new level.

Despite there being heavy doubt on the claims, the media has already painted him as guilty.

But now one of the accusers has her own dirty secret, and she is praying that it never gets revealed.

A woman in Gadsden, Alabama has come forward saying Roy Moore grabbed her buttocks when she was a child.

The alleged incident occurred in 1991, when Johnson, who was 28 at the time, was in Judge Moore’s office to transfer custody of her son to her mother.

Johnson claims Moore continually flirted with her, and then grabber her as she was walking out of his office.

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“In interviews with, Tina Johnson recalls that in the fall of 1991 she sat in the law office of then-attorney Roy Moore on Third Street in Gadsden. Her mother, Mary Katherine Cofield, sat in the chair next to her. Moore sat behind his desk, across from them. Johnson remembers she was wearing a black and white dress.

Almost from the moment she walked in to Moore’s office, Johnson said, Moore began flirting with her.”

“At one point during the meeting, she said, Moore came around the desk and sat on the front of it, just inches from her. He was so close, she said, she could smell his breath.

According to Johnson, he asked questions about her young daughters, including what color eyes they had and if they were as pretty as she was. She said that made her feel uncomfortable, too.

Once the papers were signed, she and her mother got up to leave. After her mother walked through the door first, she said, Moore came up behind her.

It was at that point, she recalled, he grabbed her buttocks.”

The first interesting thing about her claim is how it doesn’t match any of the alleged claims against him.

The media has been painting Moore as a child molester, and at nearly 30, there isn’t much of a way to paint Johnson as a child.

But most of the doubt on the claim against Johnson comes from her past.

Before the alleged situation with Moore, Johnson had been arrested for writing bad checks, and for third degree theft.

The reports show that she had stolen from her own family.

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“Johnson has had ups and downs in her life, both before and after she met Moore. She has pled guilty to writing bad checks, and for third-degree theft of property, which she said stemmed from family disagreement over the care of her late stepfather.”

While it isn’t confirmed that Johnson even met with Moore, the media is eating this story up.

But the more likely story is that Johnson did indeed meet with Moore, and when the allegations against him started dropping, she decided to make up a story of her own to cash in.

I’m sure she knew that the left don’t care about verifying stories, and that she could tell them whatever she wanted to tell them.

Do you believe the allegations against Moore are made up?

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