Chuck SchumerAfter President Trump humiliated Chuck Schumer in the recent battle over the border wall, Schumer was left outraged like never before.

Schumer is falling right into a massive political trap.

And he’s about to do something that will cost him everything.

Earlier this year, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer got some of the worst news of his life.

After wasting precious months fighting against the President’s efforts to secure the border and build a wall with Mexico, Schumer was blindsided when the U.S. military informed him they would begin work on building the border wall without his consent.

And since then, there has been almost nothing Schumer can do to stop Trump and the Pentagon from building the wall.

But that hasn’t stopped Schumer from complaining about the border wall, or the military’s construction of it.

And after making one awful move, Schumer broadcasted to the rest of the country that he is more interested in preventing the President from securing the border than he is in working with him.

Breitbart reports, “Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is urging President Donald Trump to provide more American health care to illegal migrants.”

“Schumer’s demand comes just after Trump’s deputies quietly agreed September 2 to allow at least 1,000 illegals to stay in the United States so they can receive expensive health care for a variety of lethal, enduring and debilitating diseases. But the Labor Day announcement also suggested officials would try to reduce the future approvals of ‘deferred action’ for sick foreigners.”

Schumer just ruined his own party’s chances of coming across as anything but a band of radicals in the 2020 election with one move.

But he couldn’t help himself.

He knows that the only way to stop Trump’s re-election bid in 2020 is to sabotage everything he can, even to the point of weakening national security or making himself seem like a far-left open-borders socialist.

“Schumer’s demand may be intended as a gift to Joe Biden, who has been using the issue to spike support among the pro-migration progressives who prefer to blur the distinctions between Americans and foreigners,” adds Breitbart.

There’s just one problem though.

Schumer made a disastrous political calculation.

And it’s one that could cost him everything in next year’s elections.

That’s because polling shows that his move is extremely unpopular with the general public.

Breitbart concludes, “But any Democrat push to provide free health care to illegals would be extremely risky, according to data buried in the August 2019 Harvard-Harris Poll. The respondents showed they prefer to welcome migrants, but only 30 percent of Democrats and 20 percent of swing-voting independents said: ‘immigrants who are here illegally [should] be able to collect welfare, disability and healthcare payments from the state and federal governments.’”

With one move, Schumer may have torpedoed his own party’s chances of winning back the White House and the Senate in 2020.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.