Barack Obama Ben RhodesThe Barack Obama presidency is back in the news.

But not for good reasons.

And it’s all because one scandal-ridden Obama official just made a mistake he instantly regretted.

Barack Obama’s time in the White House went down in history as one of the darkest hours of the office of the President in history.

But since leaving office, Obama and his administration officials have tried desperately to remain in the news.

The intoxicating aroma of power that came with working for the Democratic President has just never gone away, and with Trump now calling the shots in Washington D.C., some former Obama officials are taking every chance they can get to attack him.

But for one former Obama official, he decided to make one mistake that almost immediately blew up in his face.

Ben Rhodes was a former foreign policy and national security adviser to Barack Obama.

And it was under his watch that America oversaw a complete collapse in its foreign policy.

But Rhodes thinks that Trump is responsible for destroying America’s standing on the world stage.

Newsbusters reports, “On Tuesday’s Hardball, MSNBC contributor and former Obama administration lackey Ben Rhodes bemoaned President Trump’s foreign policy as ‘fundamentally corrupting,’ ‘not how our government is supposed to work,’ and ‘a criminal enterprise…that…was not in the U.S. national interest’ that’s unrivaled in our history.”

There’s just one problem with Rhodes’ argument. It’s completely wrong.

Rhodes is the man who presided over the destruction of America’s foreign policy over the past decade.

And under him, the President went on a worldwide apology tour that saw the United States diminished in stature and humiliated on a global scale.

Also under him, the United States lost ground in the Middle East to ISIS, letting key Iraqi cities that had been taken by the United States and its allies fall into the hands of one of the worst terrorist organizations in the history of the world.

But none of that matters to Rhodes.

“Rhodes didn’t waste time, first telling Matthews that the House Intel Committee’s report showed that the Trump Ukraine policy ‘is not how our government is supposed to work’ in that it’s been a ‘corrupt scheme,’ ‘criminal enterprise,’ and ‘not in the U.S. national interest,’” adds Newsbusters.

Rhodes derides Trump’s strategy for dealing with Russia, while under his watch, the Russian Federation invaded the Crimean Peninsula and annexed large parts of Ukraine in 2014.

But somehow, it’s Trump’s fault that Russia is on the move.

“Suggesting he has concern for Republicans, he fretted that their refusal to go along with throwing Trump out of office had illustrated not only ‘where the Republican Party is,’ but proof via Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) that the right’s only concern is ‘an entire media world’ that don’t believe institutions and responsibilities other than supporting Trump,” adds Newsbusters.

Ben Rhodes would have been better off trying to remain obscure and out of the spotlight after leaving office with Obama in 2017, but instead, the partisan hack can’t help but to trash President Trump for some of the very things he himself was responsible for while he worked in Washington.

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