Attention is beginning to focus on the 2020 Presidential election.

Will Donald Trump run for re-election? Who will challenge him if he does?

Well one breaking scandal could rock the contest to its core.

Bernie Sanders is one of the presumptive favorites on the Democrat side.

He finished second to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Many pundits assume he is well positioned for a strong run in 2020.

But his world may be about to come crashing down.

His signature issue is government run socialized medicine.

Sanders considers himself a social democrat – like many socialists in Europe – and supports a “Medicare for all” model.

In England, they have the National Institute of Health.

And it’s a disaster.

The NIH has been forced to cancel all non-urgent surgeries until February because the conditions in national hospitals are like that of a third world country.

The Telegraph reports:

“Every hospital in the country has been ordered to cancel all non-urgent surgery until at least February in an unprecedented step by NHS officials.

The instructions on Tuesday night – which will see result in around 50,000 operations being axed – followed claims by senior doctors that patients were being treated in “third world” conditions, as hospital chief executives warned of the worst winter crisis for three decades.

Hospitals are reporting growing chaos, with a flu leaving frail patients facing 12-hour waits, and some units running out of corridor space.

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS medical director, on Tuesday ordered NHS trusts to stop taking all but the most urgent cases, closing outpatients clinics for weeks as well as cancelling around 50,000 planned operations.”

If Sanders wins the nomination, Trump will quickly point to this scandal happening in the United Kingdom and ask if that is what Sanders really wants for America.

Government run health care is a disaster.

Taxes shoot through the roof and quality of care plummets as medical services get rationed.

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One estimate of all Sanders spending plans in 2016 – which include government run healthcare – amounted to $32 trillion dollars in new taxes.

It also allows the government to begin dictating lifestyle choices and infringing upon personal freedom.

Since the government is now paying for healthcare, it’s in their best interest that you never use it.

That means excessive taxes on certain foods, beverages, and lifestyles.

Do you agree that Sanders support for socialized medicine will sink his 2020 campaign?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.