Democrats have been weaving a tale of collusion and deceit by members of Trump’s team for over a year now.

While the official investigation yielded no evidence against Trump and his team, new evidence has been found to indict a very specific group of individuals.

Suddenly, the Democrats are finding themselves the subject of scrutiny in the collusion case.

Democrat fingerprints are all over a number of Russian collusion-related scandals, including payments to the supplier of the Trump dossier, lobbying for Russian businesses, the sale of Uranium One to Russia by Obama, and more.

The Daily Caller reported:

In 2016 the Hillary for America presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid an undetermined amount of funds to Fusion GPS, a political opposition research for the salacious Trump-Russia dossier. The firm reportedly paid $168,000 to Christopher Steel, a British MI-6 agent.

Tony Podesta, former campaign chairman and lobbyist for Clinton, has his connections as well.

The Daily Caller continued:

Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta stepped down as the head of his lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, that he co-founded with his high-profile brother, John Podesta in 1988.

Podesta has business relationships with many Russian state enterprises and government agencies.

He publicly lobbied on behalf of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, collecting $170,000 in fees in 2016.

Immediately prior to joining the Obama White House as special counselor, John Podesta joined the board of a highly secretive technology company called Joule unlimited.

He served on the board for three years, sharing it with three Russian businessmen with direct ties to the Kremlin.

Even former President Obama had a direct connection to the Russians, selling them a portion of the United States’ uranium reserves.

The Daily Caller reported:

The public is aware the Obama administration, led in 2010 by former Secretary of State Clinton who sat on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CIFIUS), approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians. In a single stroke 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves were sold to Russia.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Chuck Grassley of Iowa have called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the mounting scandals tying Democrats to Russia.

“The bottom line is very simple, says former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The Russian connection now is owned by the Democratic Party.”

With all this evidence stacked against them, the Democratic Party doesn’t have a chance of arguing their guilt away.

Democrats may soon get a taste of their own medicine, as a new special counsel may be in talks to organize a new investigation, this time focused on Democratic collusion.

The Daily Caller continued:

The Justice Department should appoint another special counsel to investigate Clinton for her Russian ties, Sen. Graham said on Sunday.

“I think we need a special counsel to investigate the Fusion GPS episode between the Democratic Party, Mr. Steele and Russian operatives,” Graham told Fox News Sunday.

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