The Russia witch hunt continues to drag on.

Now one meeting has the media and Democrats salivating over what they claim is the silver bullet to take down Trump.

And the investigation has taken a serious turn.

The latest fake news bombshell in the Russia case was a meeting Donald Trump, Jr. hosted with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have information about illegal acts committed by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

That turned out to be a ruse to allow her to lobby the campaign about ending the Magnitsky Act – which imposed sanctions on Russia because of human rights violations.

Despite the meeting lasting just a half-hour or so, and being a complete nothing, the anti-Trump press played it up as if it was the modern equivalent of the Rosenberg’s handing over designs for nuclear weapons to the Soviets.

Now Donald Trump, Jr., campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and White House advisor Jared Kushner – who both attended the meeting – will testify before Congress.

The Associated Press reports:

“Members of the Trump campaign’s inner circle, including his eldest son and son-in-law, are being called before Senate committees next week to talk about the 2016 election.

Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to appear July 26 before the Senate Judiciary Committee along with former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to a witness list released by the panel Wednesday.

Also, a lawyer for Trump’s powerful son-in-law and adviser said Jared Kushner will speak to the Senate intelligence committee Monday.

“As Mr. Kushner has been saying since March, he has been and is prepared to voluntarily cooperate and provide whatever information he has on the investigations to Congress,” said attorney Abbe Lowell. “He will continue to cooperate and appreciates the opportunity to assist in putting this matter to rest.”

That meeting will apparently take place behind closed doors.

Alan Futerfas, a lawyer for Trump Jr., did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment about his scheduled testimony. Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni said Manafort received the request Wednesday afternoon and is reading it over.

The three men will almost certainly be asked about their attendance at a June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer. That gathering was arranged via emails that advertised it would reveal damaging information about Hillary Clinton.”

The meeting has been described by all participants as a “nothing” and that it centered primarily on the subject of Russian adoption.

Natalia Veselnitskaya – the Russian lawyer who the Trump campaign met with – was also offered to testify before Congress in order to clarify the situation.

No evidence or testimony has emerged to contradict the public statements that the meeting had nothing to do with the campaign and that attendees were tied to the Russian government.

The media has tried to make hay out of the fact that eight people attended, but it turned into another dud of a story.

But Kushner, Manafort, and Trump, Jr’s testimony will be highly anticipated.

The fact that special counsel Mueller cleared Trump, Jr. and Manafort to testify in public means they most likely don’t have anything of value to say.

The Russia story has been one fake news bombshell, quickly fading from the news cycle as the story collapses under scrutiny.

Their testimony is likely to be the latest fizzle in the media’s unending quest to overturn the 2016 election.


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