Democrats are set to take over the House in January.

But they are not the only threat Donald Trump faces.

And you won’t believe how Rush Limbaugh said Trey Gowdy and other Republicans are planning to betray Trump.

Democrats have already let it be known that they want to destroy Donald Trump through a death by a thousand cuts.

Nancy Pelosi empowered the incoming Democrat committee chairs to launch possibly up to 100 investigations into Trump.

Everyone knew that was coming.

But what nobody expected was for the Republicans to join in.

Rush Limbaugh noted on a recent broadcast that Trey Gowdy made it clear that Republicans would assist Democrats in their plan to take out Trump.

“And because of statements made by Trey Gowdy over the weekend, I now think that the Democrats and all of these investigations are gonna be joined by a whole bunch of Republicans who want Donald Trump gone. Yeah, I know everybody said, ‘Boy, Rush, if the Democrats win the House they’re gonna do nothing but investigate Trump.’ Well, we know that. But I’m just telling you, I don’t think you have any idea what’s coming. I may not either. I mean, it’s gonna be all that they’re gonna do,” Limbaugh stated.

The top rated conservative talk show host was referring to comments Gowdy had recently made on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Gowdy about his request to the White House regarding Ivanka Trump using a private email for government business.

The liberal journalist teed-up Gowdy to falsely compare Ivanka using a private email for routine business to Hillary Clinton illegally sending classified information on an unsecured server.

Gowdy stated he was willing to participate in this witch hunt.

“Congress has a responsibility to make sure that the records and the Presidential Records Act is complied with and that is true no matter-no matter who the person is, whether it’s Secretary Clinton or whether it’s Tom Perez or whether it’s Ivanka Trump. So we’ve taken steps, we’ve done more in the last week than in some of my house Democratic colleagues did the entire time we were looking into Benghazi. So I’m at peace with what we’ve done but we need the information and we need it quickly. And then the public can judge whether or not those two fact patterns are similar,” Gowdy stated.

But Ivanka Trump shot down the idea that she did anything wrong and that her conduct was similar to Clinton’s.

Clinton famously deleted 30,000 emails off her private server.

Ivanka Trump told Good Morning America she did no such thing.

“My emails have not been deleted, nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential that was within them. So, there’s no connection between the two things,” Ivanka said. “People who want to see it as the same (as Hillary Clinton’s emails) see it as the same.”

Ivanka also stated that all of her emails were on the White House server and there was “no intent to circumvent” regulations for White House staff.

Even though the truth is on Trump’s side, the reality is that many Republicans in Washington want Trump gone.

They want the Republican Party of Mitt Romney, John McCain and Jeb Bush back so they can push amnesty, global trade deals and endless wars.

And as Trey Gowdy revealed, they will join the Democrats to make Trump’s life miserable.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.