The FBI was ground zero for the Deep State’s plot to destroy President Trump.

Under former Director James Comey, the Bureau engaged in spying and illegal leaking to try and sink Trump.

But despite the attempted cover-ups, Rush Limbaugh revealed the one awful truth the FBI doesn’t want you to know.

Damaging new stories break every day about how James Comey and the leadership of the FBI stained America with a campaign to sabotage Donald Trump.

Comey subverted the Bureau’s mission to uphold the rule of law and morphed the FBI into a political goon squad for Barack Obama.

The FBI suffered its first body blow when it was revealed that Comey and other high-ranking officials used the fake news Christopher Steele dossier as the basis to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The warrant gave the Bureau retroactive access to Page’s emails so agents could spy on communications from when he was on the campaign.

Now there are allegations flying around that the FBI also planted an informant on the Trump campaign to try and dig up dirt.

Taking all of these bombshells into consideration, Rush Limbaugh went on the air and declared this period as one of the most embarrassing in the FBI’s history.

Breitbart reports on the transcript of his remarks:

“I mean, his period of time with the campaign lasted no more than a month or two. I don’t know why the FBI would need to get a FISA warrant to tape Carter Page’s phone. He could have just let them listen in on his own if he were the informant. The only reason they… If he were the informant, and they got a FISA warrant to spy on him to cover up the fact that he’s an informant, but, frankly, his is not a name that occurred to me in this.

I don’t have a name, folks. And it’s clear the Journal thinks that you could figure it out by reading what they’ve written, and they think they know who it is, but they’re not talking. Nunes wants to know. That’s the whole point here. The point is not so much who. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee, has subpoenaed records from the FBI to basically confirm that they did this, that they put a spy in the Trump campaign.

That’s what he says. He says he’s not per se interested in the individual per se but rather did they really do this? Everybody, now, that’s been studying this is convinced that the FBI did have an informant and that they planted the informant. In other words, found somebody, got them hired to do work in the Trump campaign, and they were then to spy. And if they found evidence of collusion with Russia, they were to then inform the FBI.

Now, the way to look at this, another way is, let’s just accept the hypothetical. Let’s say they had an informant. They had an informant. They had a spy. Wall Street Journal thinks so. Washington Post thinks so. They had a spy. So they had somebody in there actually spying, looking for collusion, and they still don’t have any! What does this tell you? But what does it say that they even had the audacity to plant an informant in the presidential campaign of one candidate, not Hillary, but Trump?

Well, at the very least, it tells you they really believe this nonsense that the Russians and Trump were buddies and were colluding to steal the election. And that just boggles my mind. Common sense says nobody could pull that off. But they must have obviously thought Trump was trying. This is going to be one of the most embarrassing periods in the FBI’s history, when all of this is finally revealed and the history of it written.”

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