Democrats have no idea what they just did.

But Rush Limbaugh immediately picked up on it.

And he revealed the big mistake the Democrats made that could cost them the 2018 election.

Rush Limbaugh Points Out Democrats Big Mistake

Limbaugh stated on a recent broadcast that he was optimistic about the midterms.

He felt that way because he believed the Democrats had overreached in the Brett Kavanaugh fight.

Liberals unleashed one of the ugliest smear campaigns in American history.

They charged Kavanaugh with being a blackout drunk who organized gang rapes.

It was a sickening display.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the left also deployed rage mobs to terrorize Republican Senators.

They chased them out of restaurants.

Liberal goon squads stalked them at their homes.

And they flooded the Capitol with paid protesters to scream at Republicans and bully them into voting “no” on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

But it failed.

Limbaugh Gives A History Lesson

Limbaugh described how, heading into the 2002 midterms, the Democrats thought they were going to take back Congress.

The left considered George W. Bush an illegitimate President – the same way they consider Trump an illegitimate President.

Right before the election, Democrat Senator Paul Wellstone tragically died in a plane crash.

They held a memorial service for him.

And Limbaugh explained how it turned into a Democrat Party pep rally.

Limbaugh began, “The Wellstone memorial was hijacked by activist Democrats and turned into a pure political rally, the purpose of which was to destroy George W. Bush and Republicans in memory of Paul Wellstone. Republican senators who were friends of Wellstone’s dutifully showed up at the arena. They did this arena in a place that holds 15,000 people, if my memory serves, 10, 15,000 people. It was sometime after… Wellstone died in a plane crash, and it was sometime after that, but this was the official memorial. I don’t think it was ever intended to be a memorial.”

“I think it was a political event from the get-go disguised as a memorial! Anyway, Republican senators not knowing up from town, Trent Lott and the boys all day showed up thinking that they were showing up to a memorial, a religious memorial to honor their fallen colleague, Paul Wellstone. They were booed and bullied and harassed out of the place within 30 minutes of having arrived and sat down! It was identical to what we saw the way Jeff Flake and others were assaulted in elevators and the hallways of the Senate office building,” he continued.

Limbaugh concluded, “Except this was at the memorial. And this with Democrat voters going up to where the Republicans were seated and getting in their faces and pointing fingers at ’em and booing at them. They thought they were there to participate in a solemn occasion. They got up and they walked out and they left. And this memorial turned into a hate fest, a hate-fest aimed at George W. Bush, a hate-fest aimed at George W. Bush’s policies.”

The Democrats antics totally turned off the American people.

Republicans ended up gaining seats in the midterms.

And it looks like that could be a repeat episode come November 6th.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.