Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers were supposed to sink his nomination.

Rush Limbaugh made a prediction about will happen next.

And you won’t believe what he said.

Rush Limbaugh Changes His Prediction

At first, Limbaugh said the GOP failing to confirm Kavanaugh would lead to Republican voters staying home in November.

But he changed that prediction after Julie Swetnick came forward.

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, claimed she attended ten parties where Kavanaugh got girls drunk so they could be gang raped.

Kavanaugh denied these allegations as being “out of the Twilight Zone.”

Many Americans saw it as lies.

And Limbaugh claims this latest accusation is so disgusting that Americans will turn out to vote Republican in the midterms just to punish the Democrats for pushing these lies and smears.

Limbaugh exclaimed, “Because Republican voters would simply say, “What’s the point?” But now I may have to revise this because this latest pop-up, Julie Swetnick, put in combination with Blasey Ford and Ramirez and the way the Democrats are acting… I’m beginning to think now that this is going to create one of the biggest backlashes against Washington, and specifically the Democrats, if Kavanaugh’s not confirmed. My first prediction was predicated on the Republicans caving and refusing to defend and fight for Kavanaugh.

 My first prediction was based on that, and if that were the perception, if Republican voters think that if Republicans didn’t try and caved to Democrats — or the media, even worse — then they would have trouble in the midterms. But this changes that, or has the potential to change this because now this takes it out of the hands of the Republicans. This is just… This is a tsunami, and it is out of the Twilight Zone. Most Republicans are gonna sit out there and say, “Well… (Snort!)” They themselves are not gonna have suggested strategeries to push this back on this.”

 Limbaugh Blats The Left

Limbaugh believes the America people can see the unfairness of the situation coming from a mile away.

The left is using smears and lies to destroy a man’s life.

And it’s all because they lost the 2016 election.

Liberals believe no one else should legitimately hold power except themselves.

But Limbaugh says the American people will rise up against them.

He stated, “I think they’re livid. I think they’re outraged over this. I think the outrage originally was gonna be at Republicans for caving to all this. But now we’re past that, because one of the things I believe is truly happening is I think fence-sitters and casual news consumers — people that are not ideologically involved like you and I are, people who are not so-called news junkies. I think they’re watching this, and I think they’re just getting livid. I think they are angry as they can be at this, because this episode as obvious unfairness. It has obvious indecency to it.”

With the midterm elections just weeks away, Limbaugh’s theory will soon be put to the test.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.