Rush Limbaugh

Donald Trump and his campaign team are working to forge the best path for the President’s re-election.

The recent fights over impeachment and the standoff with Iran scrambled everyone’s calculations.

But then Rush Limbaugh asked this one question that left Trump stunned into silence.

During a recent broadcast Limbaugh analyzed the state of play as 2020 began.

2019 ended with impeachment fizzling out as Nancy Pelosi refused to send over the articles of impeachment and 2020 began with President Trump ordering a drone strike that killed leading Iranian terrorist commander Qasem Soleimani.

Both of these developments shook up the Presidential race.

Democrats had been expecting impeachment to serve as a political winner in 2020 as even if the Senate didn’t vote to convict the President, the taint of the scandal would drive down his approval numbers and render him un-electable.

But that all backfired as Rush Limbaugh asked the Democrats one question: are they tired of losing yet?

Limbaugh explained:

I have a question for the Democrats. When are you people gonna get tired of losing? (laughing) Do you even realize that you are losing, and you are losing magnificently, and you are losing in ways that you don’t even see? (interruption) What do I mean? Well, look what happened to Trump’s improval numbers — approval numbers — during impeachment. By the way, we could call them “improval” numbers because that’s exactly what happened.

During the impeachment, Trump’s approval rating shot up six points on average. The impeachment hearings were so absurd. (laughing) Pelosi won’t even send the articles to the Senate, and senators — the Democrats — are demanding more witnesses because Pelosi didn’t make a case. But, at the end of all of this, I don’t care what you say about it, and I don’t care what you do process-wise. If she sends them over there, there’s going to be an acquittal.

Democrats are betting big that the Soleimani strike would end up playing to their benefit.

That’s why Democrats almost unanimously blasted President Trump for killing the terrorist leader and decided that lining up with Iran was safer political ground.

Not many Americans can understand this positioning

Simple patriotism and love of country would dictate Democrats should celebrate the death of a terrorist mastermind responsible for killing over 600 American soldiers.

When Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden Republicans universally praised the mission and no one criticized Barack Obama for giving the order or for not considering the fallout.

Bin Laden’s death was a moment of national unity and pride.

Democrats – on the other hand – hate Donald Trump more than they love their country.

They tried to overthrow President Trump through a failed impeachment coup and now they side with a hostile foreign power over the Commander-in-Chief and the armed forces that carried out a bold strike against a bloodthirsty terrorist that murdered hundreds of American soldiers.

When Rush Limbaugh asked the Democrats if they were tired of losing their clear response is “no.”

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