Judge Roy Moore is under fire in the Alabama Senate race.

He’s being carpet-bombed with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Now one video just confirmed everyone’s worst fears.

No one thought the left could stoop this low.

When Beverly Nelson alleged Moore tried to rape her when she was 16, she presented a high school year book signed by Moore as proof they had a relationship.

But that same day, Moore’s campaign alleged the signature was a forgery.

Their evidence was that Nelson did not tell the entire truth in her press conference.

She claimed she had no contact with Moore after the incident in 1977.

Moore – however – was the circuit court judge assigned to her divorce in 1999.

And Moore’s signature in year book contained a “D.A.” notation that matched his assistant’s initials on the 1999 divorce decree.

Nelson’s attorney – and high-profile feminist lawyer Gloria Allred – appeared on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily and was asked about these inconsistencies.

Even on the home turf of the left-leaning network, Allred hemmed and hawed about whether the signature was real and if Nelson was willing to turn over the yearbook so an independent third party could authenticate it.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Allred answered, “I don’t believe at the time she had a clue whether he was an assistant D.A. or a D.A., but he signed it, she took it. As far as she knows, I mean, there’s no reason for her to think it’s anybody’s but his signature.

Tur responded, “But did she see him sign it?”

“You know, I don’t — I haven’t asked her if she saw him, but we did describe what happened that evening in question. What she alleges was that she put it on the counter; that I think she asked to sign — or that he did sign it. That’s all,” Allred said.

The host responded, “I ask this, because it seems you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, and if you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, why would you show it at a press conference?”

Allred responded, “Well, why would — you know, why does anybody doubt that it is his signature?”

Allred’s shaky interview added fuel to the fire that these allegations are nothing more than political smears designed to sink Moore’s campaign.

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