Donald Trump is fed up with Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against him and has changed course.

The special counsel’s probe has slogged on for one year with no end in sight.

But Mueller was blindsided by Trump’s new plan to shut him down for good.

Donald Trump has made numerous changes to his legal team.

John Dowd and Ty Cobb – who urged a strategy of cooperation – are out and Emmett Flood and Rudy Giuliani are in.

Flood and Giuliani were brought on board to do battle with Mueller and his team and not to appease them.

The Washington Post reports that Trump’s team is moving to a “war footing.”

The Post writes:

“The president vents to associates about the FBI raids on his personal attorney Michael Cohen — as often as “20 times a day,” in the estimation of one confidant — and they frequently listen in silence, knowing little they say will soothe him. Trump gripes that he needs better “TV lawyers” to defend him on cable news and is impatient to halt the “witch hunt” that he says undermines his legitimacy as president. And he plots his battle plans with former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, his new legal consigliere. 

“We’re on the same wavelength,” Giuliani said. “We’ve gone from defense to offense…

… “Everyone seems resigned to just buckle up and get through whatever we’ve got to get through for it to reach its conclusion,” one White House official said.

Many Trump aides and associates say they are confident the president will be exonerated…

… But every time he hears about “this Russia thing,” as he memorably phrased it in an NBC interview last year, he feels the legitimacy of his victory is under attack. He characterizes the Russia probe as a “hoax” orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats — a reminder of the majority of voters who didn’t choose him and those who are eager to evict him.

The only option, the president has said, is to hit back.

“Let me tell you, folks, we’re all fighting battles,” Trump bellowed at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention earlier this month. “But I love fighting these battles.” 

Trump supporters are thrilled to see the President finally on the offense.

Conservatives spent months worrying that the President’s legal team did not understand Mueller’s true motivations.

Mueller is staging a silent coup to overthrow the President and undo an election.

Rather than appeasing the special counsel, the President needed a legal team to wage war on his efforts to attack democracy.

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