Robert Mueller’s witch hunt into Trump is entering its most dangerous phase.

He’s putting the squeeze on Trump’s aides to force them to cough up – or even invent – evidence of collusion with Russia.

And now Mueller is closing in on the one witness who could take down Trump for good.

The special counsel is set to interview White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

Hicks was one of the first aides to sign onto Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2015.

She was an employee of the Trump organization with no experience in politics when Trump asked her to handle communications for the campaign.

Hicks excelled in her role and earned a promotion in the White House once former Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned.

But journalists and investigators believe that since she’s always been in Trump’s inner circle, she must know everything about collusion with Russia.

Politico reports:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is preparing to interview the woman who’s seen it all: Hope Hicks.

She’s been part of Donald Trump’s inner circle for years, first at Trump Tower and then as an omnipresent gatekeeper and fixer who could get emails or other communications directly to the boss during the 2016 campaign.

As a senior White House adviser and now as communications director, she’s been in the room for moments critical to Mueller’s probe, which has grown to include the president’s response to the Russia investigation itself.

Hicks’ history with Trump makes her one of the more useful witnesses for Mueller as he looks for insights into the president’s habits and moods. She also is one of the few people well positioned to recount the president’s reactions at various moments as the Russia scandal has sidetracked his presidency — including the Mueller appointment itself.

Mueller’s decision to request an interview with Hicks — who hasn’t been named in any criminal wrongdoing — also indicates he’s reached a critical point in the overall investigation, according to former prosecutors and veterans of past White House investigations. Typically, conversations with such senior level aides are saved for near the end of a probe.

“Any time you can get someone who is the right-hand person or who’s been around the primary target of an investigation, under oath, answering detailed questions, means you’ve progressed very far along in the investigation,” said Adam Goldberg, a former Clinton White House lawyer.”

But this will be just another wild goose chase for the special counsel that will end with the same result: No evidence of collusion with Russia.

At this point, the investigation is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and is nothing more than a political hit job to damage the Trump administration or concoct evidence the swamp creatures in Congress can use to impeach the President.

Over a year’s worth of investigations – going back to the counterintelligence probe the FBI launched in July 2016 – have yielded nothing.

It’s time for this farce to end.

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