Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

That inquiry has dragged on for months.

And now Mueller dropped a bombshell about how he plans to finally destroy Donald Trump.

The New York Times published a story – which was clearly leaked from Mueller insiders – where it had been made clear that there was no evidence of collusion, so they were going to try and bring criminal charges against Trump for obstruction of justice.

Axios reports:

“Legal experts said that of the two primary issues … Mueller appears to be investigating — whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice … and whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia — there is currently a larger body of public evidence tying the president to a possible crime of obstruction,” the N.Y. Times’ Michael Schmidt writes in the paper’s lead story:

  • “Mueller has … substantiated claims that [former FBI Director James] Comey made in a series of memos describing troubling interactions with the president before he was fired in May.”
  • “Mueller has also been examining a false statement that the president reportedly dictated on Air Force One in July … about a meeting that Trump campaign officials had with Russians in 2016.”

But, but, but: “[I]t could be difficult to prove that the president, who has broad authority over the executive branch, including the hiring and firing of officials, had corrupt intentions when he [ousted] the F.B.I. director.”

Trump reacted to this story by pointing out the media’s desperation.

The collusion story is fake news so they are grasping at straws to try and undo the 2016 election.

From the start, Donald Trump has said the collusion narrative was fake news and a hoax.

And in fact, it was invented by the Clinton team to explain away her defeat.

That’s why not a single shred of evidence to prove the allegations has surfaced.

Trump has been the victim of an illegal leak campaign by the Deep State ever since he took the oath of office.

If there was any proof of collusion it would have leaked by now.

But the collusion narrative was always a smokescreen.

The point was to allow a wild eyed prosecutor like Mueller to have unlimited leeway to dig into Trump’s life so he could conjure up a reason why the swamp should remove him from office.

Mueller has declared war on the ideas of democracy and free and fair elections.

He isn’t interested in the truth or justice.

Mueller is on a crazed quest to nullify the will of the American voters.

And he is going to use the ridiculous obstruction charges to try and do it.

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