Robert Mueller’s crusade to destroy Donald Trump is collapsing.

The special counsel thought his star witness’s testimony was the first step in framing Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians.

But now Mueller got some bad news that changed everything.

Questions Arise About The Credibility Of Robert Mueller’s Star Witness

Robert Mueller and his gang of Democrat thugs spent months focusing their investigation on Trump associate Roger Stone.

Stone made predictions in 2016 about WikiLeaks dropping damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

His predictions seemed to come true and that led many to believe that Stone could’ve only made these accurate guesses had he colluded with the Russians.

But Stone maintained that he got the information from a backchannel source and never received any information about the contents of the WikiLeaks emails.

He testified last fall to the House Intelligence Committee that New York City radio host Randy Credico – who had interviewed Assange – was his source.

Credico denied this claim.

And in September, he told Mueller’s grand jury that he was not Stone’s source.

This led many in the fake news media to say that Mueller could charge Stone for lying to Congress.

But Roger Stone held a smoking gun that may have proved his innocence.

His lawyers retrieved text messages between Stone and Credico from a phone he used in 2016.

The text messages show Credico telling Stone that WikiLeaks planned to release information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

The text messages also showed that Credico never gave Stone any details about what WikiLeaks planned to release.

On August 27th, Credico texted Stone, “Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary.”

On October 1st, days before WikiLeaks began releasing the hacked emails obtained from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Credico texted Stone, “[B]ig news Wednesday.” Credico continued, “Now pretend u don’t know me.”

“Hillary’s campaign will die this week,” the New York City radio host texted.

These texts also back up Stone’s claim that he withheld Credico’s name because he did not want to hurt Credico’s standing with his liberal friends.

Robert Mueller To Interview Randy Credico For A Second Time

Credico’s attorney told the Daily Beast that Mueller wants to speak with his client again.

This interview will take place after Thanksgiving.

Some speculate that Mueller will ask Credico to explain why he said he was not Stone’s source when text messages clearly show him passing information about WikiLeaks plans to him.

In fact, after Credico testified last September that he was not Stone’s source, Stone immediately accused him of perjury.

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But critics dismissed Stone’s claims as just a guilty man desperate to distract from his mounting legal troubles.

That all changed, however, when Stone released evidence that proved he was telling the truth.

Instead of Stone being on the hot seat for perjury, it could be Credico.

Mueller also faces a key test.

He targeted Trump supporters like Lt. General Michael Flynn and Jerome Corsi on flimsy cases of lying to investigators.

But will he apply the same standard to Credico – a witness Mueller counted on to help build his case against Stone and Donald Trump?

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.