Robert Mueller issued one document that backfired in a major way

Robert Mueller is desperate to indict Trump associate Roger Stone as part of his rigged witch hunt.

The special counsel needs to claim a scalp in order to justify his fishing expedition.

But one witness just broke the news that Mueller is preparing a document that could backfire in a major way.

Mueller Closes in on Stone

New York City radio host Randy Credico appeared on Ari Melber’s MSNBC program and revealed that the Mueller team was prepared to subpoena him for testimony.

Credico has been in regular contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and Roger Stone has claimed that he communicated with Assange through Credico.

“They didn’t call me in. They actually showed up and asked me to come in and do a personal, voluntary interview,” Credico stated.

The radio host announced he rejected the offer.

“They [the Mueller team] asked my lawyer if I would like to do a voluntary interview and he said no,” Credico revealed.

Melber appeared on his program the next day and broke the news that the Mueller team would subpoena Credico to compel his testimony.

“Political activist Randy Credico – who is known for his part history and relationship with Roger Stone and Julian Assange – Mueller has indicated that his office does intend to subpoena him to force an interview,” Melber reported.

A Complicated Case

During the 2016 campaign, Roger Stone repeatedly claimed to be in contact with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Stone’s frequent boasting about his communications with Assange led many anti-Trump journalists, as well as the Mueller team, to label Stone a prime suspect for colluding with the Russians.

But the facts are more complicated.

Roger Stone and WikiLeaks did exchange twitter direct messages during the campaign, but in the communications, WikiLeaks demanded Stone stop falsely stating he was connected the group.

And when Credico previously appeared on Melber’s show in the spring, the radio host threw cold water on the idea that Stone had communicated with Assange.

Credico has already testified that chasing Roger Stone is a waste of time and has publically stated that no information about Hillary Clinton changed hands between Stone and himself.

The New York City radio host also alluded to the fact that Stone may have inflated his connection to Assange.

Mueller’s last chance to make a collusion charge stick rests with Roger Stone.

So the former FBI Director is going to turn over every stone and check every lead in order to try and frame Stone for a charge of conspiring to defraud the United States.

Mueller has even hauled Kristen Davis – who is known as the Manhattan Madame – in before his grand jury just in spite of the fact that Davis was in prison for part of 2016.

Stone also stated in a CNN interview she did not work for Stone until December of that year.

Roger Stone is a dead-end.

And so is Robert Mueller’s collusion investigation.

We will keep you up to date in all the breaking news in Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt against President Trump.