Robert Mueller is on the warpath.

The special counsel is determined to claim a scalp to justify his witch hunt into Russian collusion.

And now one Trump aide is fearing for his life after this news broke.

Mueller is zeroing in on former Trump associate Roger Stone.

Stone claimed during the 2016 election to have a backchannel to WikiLeaks and publicly defended the anti-secrecy group.

But twitter direct messages from WikiLeaks to Stone tell a different story.

WikiLeaks asked Stone to stop falsely claiming an association with the group.

Nonetheless, that has not stopped Mueller from terrorizing Stone’s associates.

Mueller continued his harassment campaign when he subpoenaed ex-Stone aide Andrew Miller.

Miller briefly worked with Stone around the 2016 Republican convention and assisted Stone with media interviews.

This is third known Stone aide who has been questioned regarding Stone’s activities during the 2016 election.

Previously the FBI spoke with John Kakanis – Stone’s body man – and Mueller hauled Jacob Sullivan – Stone’s social media strategist – before the grand jury back in May.

Stone has denied colluding with Russia before Congress stating, “I am aware of no evidence whatsoever of collusion by the Russian state or anyone in the Trump campaign.”

And in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Stone issued an even stronger denial, but also expressed his strong suspicions that Mueller was going to indict him on an unrelated charge.

The former Trump aide declared, “I can guarantee you they have found no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion, nor trafficking of allegedly hacked emails with WikiLeaks.”

“It is not inconceivable now that Mr. Mueller and his team may seek to conjure up some extraneous crime pertaining to my business, or maybe not even pertaining to the 2016 election.”

“But I think it just demonstrates, again, this was supposed to be about Russian collusion, and it appears to be an effort to silence or punish the president’s supporters and his advocates.”

Mueller’s investigation is losing steam.

It’s dragged on for over one year and has produced no evidence of collusion or indictments against Trump campaign officials for conspiring with the Russians.

The public’s patience is wearing thin, so Mueller is desperately hunting around to make a splash.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is on trial for financial crimes unrelated to the 2016 election.

Manafort was considered a prime suspect to have colluded with the Russians, but Mueller found nothing to charge him with.

Trump campaign foreign policy aide George Papadopoulos is set to be sentenced in September for making a false statement to the FBI about the timing of when he spoke with a Maltese professor who claimed the Russians had dirt on Hillary.

But when Papadopoulos pleaded guilty, there was nothing in the agreement about colluding with the Russians.

Mueller has struck out on every front.

If Mueller is going to effect the midterm elections and help elect a Congress that will impeach Trump, he needs to claim a scalp.

That’s why Roger Stone predicted he could be indicted on charges unrelated to the election.

Indicting Stone will generate splashy headlines that the press can use to drive an anti-Trump narrative into the midterm elections.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.