For nearly two years, Robert Mueller has been the last, best hope for Democrats.

Dreams of him dropping the hammer and indicting the President have been the biggest thing Democrats could hope for.

But as he begins to wrap up his investigation, Mueller is about to leave Democrats stunned.

Robert Mueller is believed to be nearing the end of his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections.

Reports now indicate the Special Counsel is planning on wrapping up his work in February.

While Democrats may be looking to the end of Mueller’s investigation with excitement, they may soon be in for a stunning surprise in just two months.

Bloomberg reports, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be cautious about implicating President Donald Trump directly in criminal activity in legal filings he’s expected to issue in the next few months, according to people familiar with his investigation.”

If Mueller holds off from going after Trump directly, that would mean nearly two years of investigative work that Democrats had been hoping would be used to destroy President Trump would all be for nothing.

Even worse for the left, Mueller apparently plans to leave the work of prosecuting the President to the Democrats themselves.

Even if Mueller’s reports include attacks directed at President Trump, the Special Counsel seems unlikely to break the longstanding tradition that a sitting President cannot be prosecuted or indicted by the Justice Department.

Mueller would thus be handing the ball off to Democrats.

This would set up a lose-lose situation for Democrats. Either they would have to impeach President Trump in the House, or they would have to end their two-year long witch hunt against the President and simply hope to defeat him in 2020 when he runs for re-election.

Both of these scenarios would count as victories for the President.

Democrats just don’t have the votes in the Senate to remove President Trump from office, even if they can get a vote to impeach him out of the House of Representatives.

Any move to impeach Trump would almost surely backfire on them, driving up the President’s popularity and motivating his supporters.

And if the Democrats let it go after howling about Russian collusion for two years, they’ll have severely demotivated their base. Not impeaching Trump would be a huge morale blow for the left, which has been fixated with removing the President from office ever since he took the oath in January 2017.

This means that Mueller’s investigation, if he chooses not to directly attack the President and instead leave him alone, or leave the dirty work to Congress via impeachment, could end up blowing up in Democrats’ faces.

Democrats have spent years viewing Mueller as a messiah-figure who will ultimately deliver them from President Trump.

They have put all their faith in him to remove Trump from power and undo the 2016 election.

And now they may only be weeks away from being more disappointed than at any time since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Do you think the Mueller investigation will disappoint Democrats? Will Robert Mueller try to directly go after President Trump?

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