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Special counsel Robert Mueller never saw it coming.

One of his star witnesses recanted the testimony Mueller thought would finally bury Donald Trump.

And now Mueller is heading towards the biggest defeat of his life.

Conservative journalist Jerome Corsi was the last person anyone thought would sell Donald Trump and his associates down the river.

Corsi filed a $350 million dollar lawsuit against Mueller and claimed he had tried to force him to lie about being the Trump campaign’s go-between for WikiLeaks.

However, Corsi soon began peddling a story that would allow Mueller to frame Trump and his campaign for collusion with Russia.

Corsi stated that Roger Stone asked him to get in touch with WikiLeaks and persuade them to begin dropping emails after the Washington Post had published the Access Hollywood tape.

“I had one call from Roger, as I recall it — Roger disputes this — on the day that WikiLeaks did begin in October dropping the final emails on John Podesta, in which Roger was essentially saying, ‘We’ve got this timing issue because the Billy Bush tape is going to be released, and we’d like to have Assange begin releasing emails now,’” Corsi stated on Ari Melber’s MSNBC program.

Corsi also wrote in his book, “Silent No More,” that Stone asked him if he, “could get Assange to begin dropping the Podesta emails on top of the Washington Post exposé.”

Corsi recounted that he had no way of doing so and that his efforts amounted to just a couple of tweets.

WikiLeaks releasing John Podesta’s emails on the same day as the Access Hollywood tape led many Trump-haters to speculate that WikiLeaks could have only made that decision with the input from the Trump campaign.

The theory is that WikiLeaks could not have had the sophisticated knowledge of American politics to know that the emails would distract from a story that many in the media believed presented mortal danger to the Trump campaign.

This formed the cornerstone to one Russian collusion theory that Mueller and his team clearly bought into.

But Roger Stone flatly denied Corsi’s allegations.

And in fact, once Stone began denying the charge, Corsi began to walk it back and disqualify the statement by saying he had no proof to back it up and that his memory may have been faulty.

“We can see different things, and he can be right from what he perceived, and I can be right from what I perceived,” Corsi declared in a radio interview with Eric Metaxas.

Corsi also went on the Yahoo News podcast, Skullduggery, and again claimed his memory could not be trusted.

“My recollections are not always accurate against an objective sense of truth, whatever that means,” Corsi declared.

In that interview, Corsi also allowed for the fact that Roger Stone remembered events correctly and he did not.

“My recollections and Roger’s differ on this. Now, I’m not maintaining that my recollection is true and his is false,” Corsi began.

“I can only testify to you as to my recollection. Roger is entitled to his own,” Corsi concluded. “I make memory mistakes all the time.”

Finally, Corsi tried to shoot down speculation that he was betraying President Trump.

Corsi also said his statements about Stone may have been said out of a desire to get Stone to stop speaking about him publicly.

“My support of Pres. Trump has never wavered. I have NO evidence whatsoever about @realDonaldTrump – Roger Stone is accused of lying to Congress (NOT COLLUSION), now Roger is lying about me, defaming me every day, giving Mueller more evidence Roger is witness tampering. Pls STOP,” Corsi tweeted.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.