It’s no secret that Democrats and Republicans alike hate President Trump.

He was elected in 2016 as a rejection of the political establishment in both parties.

But then a RINO said something about impeaching Trump that caused all hell to break loose.

John Podhoretz, an establishment Republican who once wrote for the now-defunct anti-Trump Weekly Standard is in hot water this week for tweeted about his hopes that the economy would collapse in order for President Trump to be impeached.

How many people’s hearts sank when they saw the Dow went up 1,000 points because they really hoped Trump had plunged us into a bear market that would cause GOP legislators to turn on him and support removal after impeachment?” Podhoretz tweeted the day after Christmas.

The backlash was swift.

Podhoretz’s tweet has since been retweeted just over 1,000 times, while being replied to over 2,000 times. A ratio of that sort is usually an indicator of disapproval on Twitter.

And the top comments show just how out of touch he is.

So… Podhoretz wants the national economy to fail just so he can “get” Trump? Wow. That sure is ignorant. I guess he has his money, so damn the rest of us,” replied one commenter.

“My guess is not very many,” tweeted another.

Podhoretz’s comments are reprehensible.

Make no mistake, he is actively rooting for the economy to collapse and the country to fail just so he can watch Trump get impeached by Congress.

What Podhoretz is wishing for is just wrong. He is showing how deranged some of Trump’s critics can be in their hatred of the President that they are actively calling for the economy to collapse just so he can be removed from office.

It’s not surprising however.

As a writer for the Never Trump “Weekly Standard”, Podhoretz has a long track record of opposing the President on anything and everything he says and does.

Podhoretz represents the political class that once ran the Republican Party into the ground, and now he and others like him are desperate to retake control of a system Trump blew up and reshaped in 2016.

What’s disturbing however is how willing he is to see ordinary Americans suffer from a market disaster so he can take yet another jab at the President.

But Podhoretz is not alone.

Large numbers of the political establishment in both the Democratic and Republican parties hold similar views.

Democrats are gearing up to impeach the President with or without a market collapse.

It remains to be seen whether the markets will level out or continue their wild course of the past few months.

And likewise, it’s unlikely that Democrats would have the votes needed in the Senate to remove the President from office.

That won’t stop them from trying however, and with allies like Podhoretz hoping that the economy will collapse in order to erode the President’s support, Democrats may just get their wish.

Do you think Podhoretz is wrong to tweet his support for the economy to crash in order to remove Trump from office?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.