Establishment Republicans are still trying to sabotage Donald Trump.

They have not given up hope that Robert Mueller will dredge up grounds for impeachment.

And a group of RINO Senators just stabbed Trump in the back in a horrible way.

Senators who represent the swamp continue to plot against the President.

Their latest scheme is unconstitutional legislation designed to protect Robert Mueller’s work in the event Donald Trump fires the special counsel.

Despite the fact the legislation is being pushed by radical left-wing Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), several Republicans have joined the effort to support Mueller.

NBC News reports:

“Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who helped draft a bipartisan bill to protect Mueller that passed the Judiciary Committee late last month, confirmed to NBC News on Thursday that talks are underway for a “Plan B” after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to bring the original legislation for a floor vote.

The discussions “involve assuring the evidence is preserved and reports are done if the special counsel is fired or other political interference is undertaken by the president,” Blumenthal told NBC News.

Notably, Blumenthal added, some GOP senators are participating in the effort.

“There’s strong interest on the Republican side in avoiding a constitutional crisis,” said Blumenthal, who’s also drafting a measure to protect Rosenstein but declined to provide details.

Some Judiciary Committee members believe the fresh effort would be politically harder for McConnell to reject since it focuses primarily on transparency and not the president’s personnel decisions — and it could apply to all future special counsels.”

Mueller has expanded his investigation far beyond his original mandate.

If anything, Republicans should be outraged that this witch hunt is still dragging on.

Republican Senators signing on to an effort to destroy Donald Trump and to protect Robert Mueller shows their allegiance is to the swamp and not the Constitution and that the voters get to pick their leaders.

Mueller’s investigation is a silent coup.

It’s the swamp trying to veto the results of the 2016 election because the voters went off script.

The Republicans supporting this legislation are not upholding Democratic norms.

A special prosecutor is still technically an employee of the executive branch.

Congress is interfering with the separation of powers with legislation dictating to the chief executive on matters of hiring and firing.

But as the Mueller probe has proven time and again, truth, facts and the Constitution are all secondary to destroying Donald Trump.