Establishment Republicans are furious that Roy Moore has withstood the suspect allegations made against him.

Now they are throwing temper tantrums over the fact that a Christian conservative may very well be Alabama’s next Senator.

But one RINO Senator just dug his own grave with this attack on Judge Moore.

Arizona’s Jeff Flake is a pro-amnesty, pro-gun control liberal from the Democrat wing of the Republican Party.

He was outraged when Trump publically gave his support to Roy Moore and tweeted out his opposition.

But he took it one step further when he donated $100 to Moore’s pro-abortion opponent Doug Jones.

By donating to Jones, Flake declared that he supports candidates who champion abortion up until the moment of birth.

Flake’s position was so extreme, even Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska – one the leading anti-Trump RINOs in the Senate – criticized him for supporting partial birth abortion.

But the damage was already done.

Flake was roundly mocked by conservatives for once again revealing himself to be a fraud.

Rather than the conservative champion he pretended to be on the campaign trail, he is now throwing his financial support behind abortion on demand.

Flake’s constant betrayal to conservatives – and his support for Hillary Clinton by refusing to vote for Trump – wore thin with Arizona voters.

He recently announced he would retire rather than seek re-election, as polls showed him with an approval rating in the teens and trailing his pro-Trump primary challenger by over 20 points.

Are you happy to see anti-Trump RINOs like Jeff Flake purged from the GOP?

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