There’s been talk of an impending red wave leading to the Republicans taking even more control over Congress and helping Trump in his effort to Make America Great again.

On the same hand…

There’s also been discussion of a blue wave reversing the gains Republicans have made over the past 2 years.

Now, if you’re watching conservative news channels, you’d be led to believe the Republicans in Congress are safe… and that Democrats aren’t going to win much if anything.

But, if you’re going to look at Early Voting numbers (which you should be) then you might be concerned about what’s coming down the pike.

First off, the numbers on early voting showing a highly engaged votership heading out to the polls. Compared to 2014 the numbers are quite high, and many of the voters casting their ballots early indicate they’re trying to depose the Conservatives who’ve already taken office… and who might win in the future.

So far at least 4.3 million Americans have voted, and many of those who’ve voted are Democrats.

According to the Nevada secretary of state, many of those who have voted are mostly “blue.” For instance, In Washoe County where there are more registered Republicans than Democrats, more Democrats have turned out to vote than Republicans.

In that count, there are 99,675 Republicans and only to 94,520 Democrats, but thus far, 3,409 Democrats voted in-person and just 2,365 Republicans have hit the polls.

And according to Fox News, “On Sunday, when many polling places and businesses in urban areas are closed, 1,927 Democrats cast ballots in-person in Washoe County, compared with 1,483 Republicans. Taking into account mail-in votes after two days, Democrats have a roughly 6 percentage-point, 600-vote lead there, despite Republicans’ built-in registration advantage.”

This kind of thing is happening all over the U.S.

“For Republicans, there were worrying signs that even President Trump’s star power, which has propelled several candidates to victory in key primaries this midterm season as he barnstorms across the country, might have a limited impact.

The president held a major rally in Elko County, Nevada on Saturday, but despite urging the estimated 8,000 attendees to the polls and making a major foreign policy announcement immediately afterward, only 435 people in Elko County voted that day, including 104 Democrats and 250 Republicans.”

Now, if that makes you nervous, you should know polls on the ground indicate these early voter turnouts might not necessarily reflect on overall Republican turnout, and that they will be able to keep control of the Senate; even if they don’t win the house.

The fact early voter turnout is skewed towards the Democrats right now doesn’t mean they will win.

Part of this has to do with the fact that Democrats are only able to vote early because they’re not at work so they can make it to the polls,

Republicans, on the other hand, have to wait until the 6th when voting actually takes place.