Donald Trump took a stand on behalf of our nation when he ripped the racist and anti-American NFL players who protested the national anthem.

The overwhelming majority of Americans backed him in a fight against race-baiting millionaires who used a game to spread lies about the United States.

But one top Republican executed a shocking betrayal when he stabbed Trump in the back in this fight.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam was an aggressive critic of Donald Trump during the campaign trail, and at one point called on Trump to drop out of the race after the Access Hollywood tape leaked.

He is also the brother of Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

Governor Haslam betrayed Trump and Americans who believe the flag is a symbol of what’s good about America when he decided to praise the players who knelt during the national anthem.

Governor Haslam issued his statement after his brother, who owns the Browns, ripped Trump as “divisive” for his defense of the American flag and national anthem.

Breitbart reports:

On Tuesday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam praised his brother Jimmy Haslam, the owner of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, who aggressively attacked President Trump for his comments criticizing NFL players who publicly protest the national anthem by kneeling when it is played before the start of a game.

“We must not let misguided, uninformed and divisive comments from the president or anyone else deter us from our efforts to unify,” Jimmy Haslam said in a statement released on Sunday, adding (emphasis added):

We view our organization, our league and our players as great unifiers of people. Our players, just like so many others across our league, have been honest and thoughtful with their attempt to bring awareness to the issues of inequality and social injustice. We were incredibly moved by the meaningful and powerful dialogue they initiated within our organization when they spoke of their intent to unify and not be disrespectful while using familiar and important terms like one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Jimmy Haslam was one of the most aggressively anti-Trump voices among all 32 of the NFL franchise owners, a group Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon characterized as “crony capitalists” benefiting from a “scam” non-profit status, most of whose stadiums are the recipients of huge taxpayer subsidies, while co-hosting Thursday morning’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily radio program on SiriusXM.

“I have not had that discussion with him,” Gov. Haslam, a Republican, told theTennessean when asked about his brother’s attack on President Trump, continuing (emphasis added):

But I think you had a lot of owners who felt like, “We have to stand up for our players, our players are expressing their opinions, our players have been called out and even called names, and when our players are called names, we have to show that we’re a unified team here.”

But Governor Haslam’s instincts on this issue were just as dull as they were back during the election.

Just like he didn’t sense that the people were with Trump during the election, the polls, tickets sales and TV ratings all show the public is solidly in Trump’s corner in the fight over standing for the American flag.

Who do you side with, Governor Haslam or Donald Trump?

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