Lindsey GrahamThe impeachment debate in Congress is reaching a tipping point.

All of Washington is sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out if Democrats will succeed in driving Donald Trump from office.

And this one Republican senator dropped a game-changing bombshell about impeachment.

After the Mueller probe fizzled out and the Democrats’ investigations into Trump’s financial dealings ran into a brick wall, anti-Trump forces in Washington latched on to a CIA spy’s so-called “whistleblower” complaint against the President as the new grounds for impeachment.

Since impeachment originates in the House and Democrats hold the majority, the House passing articles of impeachment is looked at as a foregone conclusion.

The real action will take place in the Senate where the Republican majority will conduct a trial.

Assuming all 47 Democrats vote to convict on the articles of impeachment, it will take 20 Republicans breaking ranks to remove Donald Trump from office.

One key senator that could decide Donald Trump’s fate is RINO Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Trump ruthlessly mocked the pro-amnesty Graham when the South Carolina Senator made his doomed 2016 Presidential bid.

But Trump haters took no comfort in Graham’s stance on the so-called “whistleblower” complaint.

Graham drew a hard line on the Deep State spy’s attempt to sabotage American democracy by blasting the allegations against Donald Trump.

During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation”, Graham dismissed the charges made by the spy, telling anchor Margaret Brennan that Graham took no issue with Donald Trump’s call to the Ukrainian President.

“I just told you I have zero problems with this phone call. There is no quid pro quo here but I do have a problem with Nancy Pelosi. If you believe that Donald Trump did something to hurt this country you owe it to vote, not talk about impeaching the president. The only way to open up an impeachment inquiry is to vote. We need a John Hancock moment from House Democrats. Quit hiding behind Nancy Pelosi. If you think the president did something wrong in this phone call then vote to open up an article of impeachment inquiry and a lot of House Democrats won’t because they’re afraid,” Graham told Brennan.

Graham went even farther, blasting the spy concealing their identity and ripping the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “sham.”

“Every American deserves to confront their accuser. So this is a sham as far as I’m concerned. I want to know who told the whistleblower about the phone call. I want to know why they changed the rules about whistleblowers not- the hearsay rule was changed just a short period of time before the complaint was filed. The complaint sounds like a legal document. Who helped him- who helped this guy write it or this girl write it? We’re not going to try the president of the United States based on hearsay. Every American has a right to confront their accuser,” Graham added.

Outside of Never Trump traitor Mitt Romney, there have been no cracks in the Republican Senate’s defense of President Trump against the Democrats and the intelligence community staging a coup.

If Graham’s comments are any indication, that support can expect to hold up.

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