Last year, NFL player Colin Kaepernick made headlines after he decided to kneel during the National Anthem, as a protest against “black oppression.”

While he claimed his protests were made peacefully, conflict ensued when others followed suit.

Now, the new football season is upon us, and once more NFL players are making headlines– but the real reason NFL players won’t stand for the anthem has nothing to do with protesting.

Multi-millionaire NFL players claim to use their celebrity status to stand for issues they are passionate about, but really, they are in it for the publicity.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently made an outspoken statement against protesting in the NFL, relaying that celebrity athletes have no place in the political world.

The Daily Caller reported:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went off on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, characterizing the “pampered millionaires” as “disgusting.”

Carlson stated, “In Washington, D.C. last night, virtually every player on the Raiders sat in protest as a military Army guard carried an American flag onto the field. Now, the sight of pampered millionaires giving the rhetorical finger to the country that made them rich is obviously disgusting, so it was no surprise that in stadiums across America fans booed when they saw this.”

Tucker also called out the difference in left-wing tolerance for free speech of liberal athletes versus tolerance for free speech of conservatives.

“Free speech lectures are a little hard to take from the very people who routinely shut down the political speech of their opponents,” Carlson said.

Tucker later said, “When our elites attack our national symbols as if they are worthless and loathsome, something important, something monumental has changed here. If the people who benefited most from America despise it — and increasingly they do — where does that leave the rest of us?”

Tucker Carlson’s response came as many were outraged by activity seen from the Raiders while they were playing in DC.

While kneeling during the National Anthem is protected under the First Amendment rights of free speech – the NFL players’ protest is not a free speech issue because the First Amendment does not extend to private employers such as the NFL.

It only protects individuals from retribution by government.

Openly protesting the flag while active duty military and veterans are presenting infuriated Americans.

The Raiders who chose to participate in the protest claimed they did so in response to criticism from President Trump.

Fox 5 News reported:

The amount of protests around the NFL ballooned this weekend in the wake of President Donald Trump’s criticism of players who protest during the national anthem. Only four players were observed kneeling or sitting last weekend, and two others raised their fists.

Boos in stadiums across the country could be heard, further pushing away the decreased number of NFL fans from last season’s protests.

The NFL recently commented that they will stand by their players, but from last season’s events, we know the NFL took a major hit, and a display of disrespect like the one seen in DC will certainly not help their ratings.

Will you continue to watch NFL football games after this particular protest?

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