John McCain is at it again.

The anti-Trump RINO has been plotting to stab Trump in the back on one of his biggest agenda items.

But Rand Paul shut his betrayal down with three epic tweets.

John McCain is spending his last term in Congress making life difficult for Donald Trump.

The failed 2008 candidate has fought harder against Donald Trump and his efforts to build a wall, repeal Obamacare, and cut taxes, than he ever did against Barack Obama.

McCain has made it clear his loyalties are not to the Constitution, the Republican Party, or their voters.

He famously tanked the bill to repeal Obamacare with his “thumbs down” gesture and now he is working behind the scenes to kill tax cuts.

McCain is also fighting conservative efforts to rein in spending on the budget vehicle the GOP must pass in order to use reconciliation to evade a Democratic filibuster.

But Rand Paul called out McCain’s treachery in an interview and blasted the RINO as a “fake conservative.”

“Well here’s the thing is, many people have pointed that this could actually be a tax cut,” Paul explained, “I actually do advocate a tax cut, I’m fine with a tax cut, and people say well is that fiscally responsible?”

“In the context in believing in spending cuts it would be. And that’s what our budget document is, it’s a document that represents are we for spending cuts, are we fiscally responsible,” he continued. “So I can’t vote for one without the other. So I can vote for a big tax cut. I’ll vote for almost any tax cut that comes down.”

“I’m for stimulating economic growth through a tax cut. But I won’t do it and then say I’m also, I don’t care about spending,” he added. “The budget vote to me is a symbol and a guidepost as to what we are as a party and what we stand for.”

“The people like [Senator John] McCain [R-Ariz.] and [Senator Lindsey] Graham [R-S.C.] who parade as conservatives that are not really conservative, they need to be called out because they are bankrupting our country by sticking money in the OCO funding [Overseas Contingency Fund] to the tune of trillions of dollars over the last fifteen years.”

These comments echoed the shots Paul lobbed at McCain on social media for his scheme to tank Trump’s tax cut bill.

Ever since Donald Trump entered the Presidential race, John McCain has conspired to torpedo his prospects.

He rescinded his endorsement after the Access Hollywood tape leaked in a blatant effort to try and elect Hillary Clinton as President.

After failing to stop Trump from winning, McCain began his campaign of disloyalty and sabotage.

But now the true Republicans are fighting back against this turncoat in their midst.