Fake news stories are rampant in the United States thanks to liberal media.

While President Trump has been an adversary to crush fake news sources, the consequences of liberals’ lies in the media is not just affecting the Western Hemisphere.

A story with false details originally posted by the Wall Street Journal was received worldwide and the consequences of the fake news have caused issues throughout the globe.

An inaccurate claim stating that a Polish protester was seen carrying a banner that called for an “Islamic Holocaust” in Warsaw was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

But soon that fake news story led to other discredible news organizations rampantly reporting their versions of the story.

The Daily Caller reported:

Unclear and incorrect language in TheWSJ report led to rampant inaccuracies in reports published by CNN, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Independent, The Guardian, and Vice News. These reports, most of which were traced back to CNN’s report, claimed a banner at a Polish nationalist march in Warsaw over the weekend read “pray for an Islamic holocaust,” despite the fact that the last time such a banner was seen in the Polish capital was in 2015.

Without clarifying a specific time but supposedly referring to an incident two years ago, TheWSJ claimed Saturday that the banner “appeared over a bridge in Warsaw,” although it actually appeared in the city of Poznan. This mistake, which TheWSJ corrected Wednesday, appeared to cause confusion among numerous reporters, who assumed that the banner appeared at Saturday’s rally.

“We never said that banner was at the march. I think some other outlets might have mis-reported our reporting, but it’s a question for them,” WSJ reporter Drew Hinshaw told TheDCNF in an email.

CNN, one of the far left newsgroups that consistently has issues with credibility, is unsurprisingly at the heart of the scandal.

The Daily Caller continued:

A CNN freelancer appears to have aggregated the two-year-old banner’s slogan from TheWSJ, featuring it in the second paragraph of his report for CNN, a spokesman for the news organization theorized on background in a phone call with TheDCNF.

The CNN story claimed without attribution that nationalist rioters disrupting independence day proceedings “carried banners that read ‘White Europe, Europe must be white,’ and ‘Pray for an Islamic Holocaust.’”

The corrected version of the CNN story now says “demonstrators wore masks and waved red and white Polish flags, chanting “Death to enemies of the homeland,” and “Catholic Poland, not secular.” The phrase “Islamic holocaust” can no longer be found in the piece.

A Polish reporter finally explained the background behind the banner, clarifying the ambiguous Siri ration that was clearly thrown out of control by leftist media.

The Daily Caller continued:

Polish writer Tomasz Łysiak gave some background to the original banner on Twitter Monday, explaining that the bigoted phrase was hung over a bridge in the city of Poznan in 2015.

The Washington Post was a major perpetrator of the unfounded claim in a tweet.

Though the Washington Post has issued a correction to the story, other major media outlets such as CNN, Vice News, and the Guardian should be held accountable for the baseless claims promoted in their fake news.

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