President Trump has been fighting with the Democrats on immigration for months.

After the longest shutdown in the history of the federal government just ended, the flare-up over border security is poised to again make it to the forefront of national politics.

And Trump will be left seeing red after hearing the latest news about the new caravans.

After capturing the nation’s attention in late 2018, there is now little talk about the Central American migrant caravan.

But that’s about to change.

Migrant caravans have been leaving Central America in larger numbers than ever.

There are now multiple caravans making their way to the U.S.-Mexican border once again.

And one of them numbers over 12,000 migrants.

Filled with documented criminals and gang members, and even terrorists, the last caravan made multiple attempts to force their way into the U.S.

Terrifying images of waves of illegal immigrants throwing rocks, and climbing the wall were broadcasted to the world.

And it’s all about to play out once again.

Breitbart reports, “There are three migrant caravans headed to the United States’ southern border with Mexico, according to top Pentagon official John Rood.”

On Tuesday, Rood testified to Congress stating that one of the caravans was larger than anything ever seen before.

“Current information shows that a caravan of over 12,000 people — there’s three that we are tracking, that the DHS is tracking en route, one that is over 12,000 by the latest estimate,” said Rood, who is the under secretary of Defense for policy.

Hood informed Congress that there are just around 2,300 troops guarding the southern border.

But President Donald Trump has since issued orders to deploy several thousand more men to the Mexican border in anticipation of a crisis such as this.

And once he hears about the caravans making their way north, he will be glad he did so.

Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi however, remain skeptical.

“Democrat lawmakers also questioned whether there was a crisis that necessitated the deployment of troops, when the number of illegal immigrants coming across the border have been higher in previous years,” reports Breitbart.

Nonetheless, Rood was clear to warn Congress about the dangers these new waves of multiple caravans could pose to border patrol.

“The difference is really the caravans and really the nature of the asylum seekers,” Rood said.

Ranking Member Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) agreed. “One of the things that changed is that now we have thousands, and tens of thousands of migrants who are coming in caravans which we have not seen before,” he said.

“The days when we had a greater number of people — but most of them were from Mexico, and you could simply put them back across the border — are very different from these large family groups, 10, 12,000 people coming. So yes, it changed the requirements,” Thornberry added.

Do you think Trump was right to deploy more troops to the border with Mexico?

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