President Trump recently made a bold move which his predecessors never could.

Despite protests from both the media and citizens, Trump’s decision will go down in history for one very specific reason.

President Trump has finally done what his predecessors couldn’t.

Trump has just established an embassy in Jerusalem—something his former presidential predecessors couldn’t accomplish.

President Trump took a shot at his predecessors for failing to accomplish the task during a pre-recorded message from the President during the opening ceremony.

The Daily Caller reported:

“It’s been a long time coming,” Trump said to the assembled crowd in Jerusalem. “Today, Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government. It is the home of the Israeli legislature and the Israeli Supreme Court and Israel’s prime minister and president.”

“Israel is a sovereign nation with the rights like every other sovereign nation to determine its own capital,” Trump continued, “yet for many years we failed to acknowledge the obvious, the plain reality that Israel’s capital is Jerusalem.”

“On December 6, 2017 at my direction, the United States finally and officially recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel. Today we follow through on this.”

The law has started since 1995 that the U.S. Embassy must be moved to Jerusalem—but every President since Bill Clinton has failed to do so.

Moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a campaign promise of President Trump’s, and one which voters were keen to see followed through.

The Hill reported:

Trump announced that the U.S. Embassy would be moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in December.

The ceremony commemorating the embassy’s opening was attended by various Trump administration officials including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, as well as White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and adviser and daughter Ivanka Trump.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also present for the opening.

The embassy’s opening is a fulfillment of one of Trump’s 2016 campaign promises, but it has been met with protests from Palestinians, who see East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state.

At least 37 people have reportedly been killed and 1,000 wounded as Palestinians try to cross the border into Israel.

Protests across the world have erupted as a result of the embassy move, but despite this, Republicans are in awe of Trump’s fulfillment of the law from long ago.

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