Pope Francis has defined his time as the head of the Catholic Church by diving into one political controversy after another.

They usually involve picking fights with Donald Trump.

And he instantly regretted one speech that has the Church at the heart of the debate over mass migration.

Italy’s recent elections were a referendum on open borders and mass migration.

The nationalist Five Star Party won the most votes and the centerpiece of their campaign was fighting back against a flow of migrants into Italy.

Father Michael Czerny – who is the co-secretary of the Vatican’s department for migrants and refugees – spoke out after the election results and demanded the media only write positive stories about immigrants.

Breitbart reports:

“The Vatican is looking to change people’s perspective on mass migration by highlighting positive stories to replace the negative accounts that dominate the media.

Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, the co-secretary of the Vatican’s department for migrants and refugees, said that the Church needs to “change the narrative” on immigration, because “the public view is negative” in an address to members of the International Catholic Migration Commission on March 7.

“We need positive stories,” Czerny said, in order to help people appreciate the benefits of migration instead of always focusing on its problems.

As Breitbart News has reported, “Migrant” was the most commonly used word in Italian newspaper headlines during the year 2017, and most of the stories dealt with the arrivals of thousands of migrants into Italy from North Africa, migrant violence and crimes, and political debates regarding how to address Italy’s migrant crisis.”

This is a continuation of the association of Italian journalists proposing politically correct language to censure negative news about migrants and to generate positive coverage of refugees to mislead news consumers.

Breitbart also reports:

“In 2017, the Carta di Roma proposed a list of taboo terms related to immigration that should be eliminated from news reporting, including expressions that underscore the ethnicity of certain migrant groups or their illegal status. Terms like “clandestini” (clandestine migrants), “zingari” (gypsies), “nomadi” (nomads), “extracomunitari” (those coming from outside the European Union) and others like them are marked for expurgation.

Even precise terms such as “Albanian,” “Maghrebi” and “Chinese” should be excluded from news reports, the association contends, because today, such terms “are no longer neutral.” The group also insists that the ethnic origin of perpetrators of crimes should not be mentioned in news stories so as not to create an association of malfeasance with migrants.

“Islamic extremists” should simply be referred to as “extremists,” their guide declares, to avoid stirring up prejudice against Muslims.”

Do you think the Vatican is making a mistake by promoting misleading coverage of immigration issues?

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